In memoriam: one final goodbye to some classic Celtics haircuts

With things starting off pretty well for the new-look Boston Celtics this season (4-1 over the first five games) you would think everyone would just leave things as is. However, for a few big names on the roster, the same old same old just won't do.
Take one last look at the dreads of Carsen Edwards as their short-lived NBA career is now over. Photo via Ron Schwane
Right before the start of the season, Celtics' star Jaylen Brown shaved his head and got rid of his beloved flattop that was somewhat part of his identity. After the loss of former Celtic Aron Baynes' man bun last season (that one still hurts), losing the flattop really tugged on the heartstrings. Now, it looks like some of his teammates are following his lead.
This past weekend, rookie guard Carsen Edwards cut off his long-standing dreads and is going for the more traditional look after his somewhat slower start to the season. In the aftermath of his massive 30 point game in the preseason against the Cleveland Cavaliers many had big expectations for Carsen coming off the bench. Now with the season starting, Edwards is averaging just about 13 minutes of playing time over four games and scoring only 4 points per outing on 23% shooting.
I know this is a hard time for Celtics fans everywhere, as the dreads will be dearly missed, but we have to look at the bright side. Perhaps the cut was a counter to this slow start and Carsen felt it was time to get rid of the hair he'd been growing since his freshman year at Purdue University. What's ironic is that Boston will be back in Cleveland for their next game tomorrow night and maybe (just maybe) a revamped Edwards will have a return to form and provide another standout game off the bench without the dreads weighing him down.

Along with Edwards, third-year Celtic Semi Ojeleye also made a change in the hair department as he shaved it all off completely, which was first spotted at practice today.
As far as we know right now, no memorial services are planned in celebration of the dearly departed dreads, but hopefully, their sacrifice will pay off in the long run.

But really though, whether or not these cuts make a difference for the two role players, we'll just have to wait and see. For now, they are just some fun changes as we continue to get a feel for this team's identity moving forward.

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