Green Envy: What Mavs fans said; 11/11

I’m baaaack. I haven’t written Green Envy for the past couple of Celtics victories, so it feels good to be back and extra hydrated from the opponent’s tears. There were points in this game where I didn’t think I’d be able to share the thoughts of the Mavericks faithful, but after eight straight, here we are. The Mavs fans are a pretty respectable bunch. They love themselves some Luka Doncic (I don’t blame them), but would ship Kristaps Porzingis out of town for an ice pack. Here’s what they had to say during the game:

Some pregame excitement

I will always relish beating the Celtics

This game is gonna be legendary

I’m predicting a huge game from Brunson. He is going to dominate Kemba.

KP meets his kryptonite. He's consistently bad against Boston since coming to NBA, lets turn that around this time!

Let’s make Kemba regret his choice

Scared this game is gonna make me wanna drink, but relieved that I’m working from home tomorrow anyway

Brad Stevens has already been in Boston for 7 years??????

This guy is taking his excitement to concerning levels

It's time to rumble the garden and go back to big Apple to eat those worms out of it alive! Go Mavs go

The fans were going to lose their mind with the poor shooting

More like Mav-bricks am I right

Do we plan on scoring tonight

Mavs tactically getting all their misses out of the way early

Enes Kanter shooting better outside than our entire team

When we suck at shooting, we really suck at shooting. Like, no one can hit anything. So frustrating.

I’m too sober for this

Team of brickers

Bricking everything, fuck this shit

The Porzingis hate was real


Goddamnit Porzingis

Why is KP in the game?

Ship KP back to new york

Hopefully KP fouls out so we have a reason to take him out. Good God…

My butthole clinched when kp dived

KP will waste Luka’s prime

Luka Doncic is their only hope

Everyone but luka is trash

Lol can you imagine if we didn't have Luka? My soul couldn't handle that team.

This team without Luka is a fucking nightmare offensively

Luka's playing like a superstar right now
>Luka's playing like a superstar

Luka is a walking fucking bucket

Luka just needs a LITTLE help, come on yall

Doncic is a decent player change my mind

Someone give luka a roster

When you get out of jail and the first thing you do is hop on Reddit

Just got out of prison boys how the mavs doing

Sorry Mavs fans, he’s one of our sons

In a perfect world, Smart is the perfect guard beside Luka.

Gosh Smart is such a good defender

Man fuck Marcus Smart

I wish we had Marcus Smart

I remember when Smart couldn't make a 3 to save his life

Marcus Smart turns into Ray Allen everytime he plays us

Mavs fans had the pleasure of getting acquainted with Mike and Tommy on NBATV. Tommy’s a nut, but he’s our nut

Surprised the color commentator isn’t wearing a Looney Toons tie

Jesus these Boston commentators are awful. The play by play sounds like he’s at a funeral and the color guy has no volume other than senile scream.

I can't fuckin tolerate the Boston commentators..smh

Boston has the most bias commentators

I want to win solely to ruin Boston's color guy's day

The fucking Celtics commentators are the worst in the league by a landslide.

Gotta give Boston’s color guy time to recover from the recurring strokes he’s having on air

These commentators are the biggest fuckin Celtics homers holy shit

Celtics commentators are only good if you like to listen how they get butthurt after every foul

Who tf is that annoying announcer from the Boston Celtics?

The only good thing about the end of this game is that I'm so close to never having to hear these announcers again. What an awful group.


The chick ref and Kemba need to get a room

I'm sure this has been said, but Tatum's beard is uhhhhh…

Tatum needs to shave. That thing is hideous. Irrelevant towards basketball, I know, but I had to say it.

Lol getting roasted by fucking Wanamaker, we're fucked.

Jaylen Brown looks like a young Kyle O'Quinn

Kemba Walker makes me want to cry

Theis has a Tiger tattoo

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