Green Envy: What Cavs fans said; 11/5

LeBron James ain’t walking through that door. I’ve had the pleasure of providing Green Envy for all the Celtics wins so far this season, and let me tell you, the Cleveland Cavaliers fans are by far the most fair-weather of the bunch. Not because of the type of comments on their forums, but based on sheer lack of volume. I don’t like to look at myself as a hero, but Cavs fans put me to work so I could find some creative comments to provide you with your favorite feature.

Even though their team stinks, their Celtics hate runs deep

I'm all in on the tank but I f*****g despise the Celtics so we need to win this one

I don’t think anyone can properly call themself a sports fan unless they despise Boston sports teams haha

Bruh these Boston commentators seriously have speech impediments. That is not an accent that’s a disability.

Marcus smart is one of my least favorite players in the league. His flopping is disgusting

Marcus smart airball... classic

Calling this dude time lord because he’s a grown ass adult that can’t show up on time is so cringe

The most hurtful comment of the night

I kinda wish Kyrie had stayed in Boston and Boston had kept sucking.

When Gordon Hayward turns back the clock on you

Damn Hayward, what did this arena ever do to you?

Gordon Hayward is kicking our ass

Hayward is destroying us

God Hayward’s game looks so damn awkward and he’s hitting everything lol

Gordon Hayward is absolutely annihilating us. If we can slow him down I like our chances

Can't believe we're still in this game. Hayward is playing like the second coming of Jordan atm.

When making fun of the Celtics doesn’t work, take it out on your own team

Hope we don't get destroyed.

Hey, how about make a shot, that'd be greeeaaatttt.

Cavs defence strategy is hope that they miss


If delly could get the ball in the hoop that would be f*****g great.

How did our defense get so shit within the span of 6 games?

Our midget guards getting wrecked on drives.

I wish garland had Edwards confidence

Love can’t post up Smart idk why he feels like he has to prove he can.

Please cut Brandon Knight. I’m begging you Cavs
>He’s the tank commander though

The game got close and the Cavs fans didn’t know what to do

I haven't been this stressed about a basketball game since Game 1 of the 2018 Finals

If we get this W ill nut.

>Hold it

Most obscure comment of the game

One of my life pet peeves:
Shopping for 'Hallmark'-style cards.
So f*****g stupid.

This was in the running for most obscure comment, but I love the show so...

So I just started Peaky Blinders Season 5 last night…