Indiana Pacers taking trade offers on Domantas Sabonis

Sabonis could be the center the Celtics have been looking for to fill All Horford's shoes

It was speculated all this summer that the Indiana Pacers would make a solid trade partner for the Celtics. Boston is a legit big man away from being a contender and the Pacers have two in Myles Turner and Domantas Sabonis. The problem was the Pacers had intentions to play the two together. One of those big men has now become available.

Of course Sabonis is only available for the same reason Jaylen Brown might become available. He is available for a contract extension and the Pacers can only pay so many player big money. The Celtics have their own issue with Brown. The rumor that everyone is going to discuss is Brown for Sabonis. Brown has the higher ceiling, but Sabonis would fill more of a need for the Celtics. It's always dangerous to trade the player with the higher ceiling, but you're not going to get Sabonis for some low ball offer, so please no Romeo Langford trade ideas.

Other pieces that would/could interest Indiana would be Marcus Smart and the Memphis pick. I highly doubt the Pacers would accept Smart for Sabonis straight up. They'd want picks too. The reality is that the players we want as Celtics fans when they become available the asking price always sours our interest. We wanted to trade for Anthony Davis for years, but when the asking price was Tatum, Brown, Smart, and our picks Davis all of a sudden was less enticing.

Whether you'd be happy or not with the trade, I'm sure Ainge is one of the GM's engaging with the Pacers now. The Pacers may have asked for Jaylen Brown PLUS something more. Ainge hopefully asked for Sabonis PLUS something more in any offer for Brown (Throw in his dad Arvydas and we'll think about it!). We'll keep you posted on Sabonis trade rumors.

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