Marcus Smart has all the moves

Photo of Marcus Smart courtesy of Tim Bradbury/Getty Images

Jaylen Brown hosted a Gala for his foundation over the weekend and Marcus Smart was not shy in the dance circle.

The first thing I noticed in the clip, aside from dance moves I don’t dare attempt, was the joy on Jaylen’s face. Jaylen and Marcus have had their differences in the past on the court. Their spats have been classified as nothing more than competitive teammates trying hard to win. This ties into the team chemistry that has been preached all off-season.

Good team chemistry is part of the puzzle. Before playing a meaningful game, the Boston Celtics seem to really like each other. Winning will help continue the good vibes.

It’s going to be fun to watch a team that enjoys playing together. To exceed expectations, the team will need to be a good defensive team. Team defense is easier when you’re playing with teammates you trust. Brad Stevens always preaches ball movement as well. If you like playing with your teammates, you’re not concerned about getting your own.

The Celtics aren’t the most talented team in the league, but if some things go their way they can find themselves in the Eastern Conference Finals. We found last year that talent alone is not enough. It’ll be interesting to see how far good team chemistry plus really good talent can take the Celtics.

The winters are long in Boston. Let’s hope we’ll be dancing throughout the winter like Marcus Smart at Jaylen’s Gala.