Russell Westbrook traded to the Houston Rockets

Westbrook reunites with Harden; Chris Paul goes back to OKC where he began his career during the Hurricane Karina disaster

Russell Westbrook and James Harden reunite in Houston. Oklahoma City is about to own the NBA Draft. Expect Chris Paul to be traded sooner rather than later. I like the Thunder approach of rebuilding instead of being a treadmill team. Chris Paul is a negative contract right now, but I could see Presti flipping him for other bad contracts and draft picks. Paul can still play. He's just not worth the contract. Someone will trade for him.

The Rockets wanted to pair Harden with Jimmy Butler. Instead they pair him with Westbrook, which a more questionable fit, but they were able to keep Capella, Gordon and Tucker, AND unloaded CP3. Like the Clippers and Lakers before them, risky move giving up so many firsts down the road.

Who do you think won the trade?