Anthony Davis noncommittal on being a Laker past this season

The fact that Anthony Davis pushed for a trade to L.A. and his agent Rich Paul is LeBron James' right hand man would make one believe that AD re-signing with the Lakers next summer is pretty much a done deal, but a lot can change in the NBA in a short amount of time. The best center in the game in 2012 Dwight Howard also wanted to be a Laker and got traded there, but then bounced when he became a free agent, because he didn't mesh well with their incumbent star Kobe.

And this summer of star after star trading places should tell you that things change very fast in the NBA nowadays. A year ago, Houston loved Chris Paul. A year ago Paul George was going to go to the Lakers, then committed to the Thunder for the long haul. A year ago Kawhi Leonard was going to become a Laker when he hit free agency. A year ago Kyrie Irving committed to re-signing with the Celtics. A year ago the Nets weren't an option to any prime free agent.

Do I think that AD will play one season in Los Angeles and leave? No I don't think so. Is it possible though? Most definitely. Big men Chris Bosh and Kevin Love didn't exactly thrive playing with Lebron. Davis is more talented than either, but LeBron is also older now and starting to break down. Stranger things have happened.