Tin lining: the Celtics may now have space for a max-contract player

After a hell of a day, week, and month, a shred of "good" news, if this counts as such:

The Boston Celtics can now get to enough space to sign a max contract player.

Nevermind the fact it required the loss of Al Horford, will require Kyrie Irving moving on, and saying goodbye to Marcus Morris Sr. and Terry Rozier, too.

But, we can go all-in on the youth, so there's that.

Things will take a little longer now, but we all want a GM to swing big, and the stars were just never aligned for Danny Ainge. It's going to be a wild few weeks, and a slower few years, but Banner 18 could also be closer than we think.

Now excuse me while I talk some friends off a few cliffs.

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Image: Brian Babineau/NBAE;
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