BREAKING: Multiple reports are now saying that Al Horford is likely gone

I always feared this would happen. The Hawks didn't show Horford the money in 2016 and he took that as a slight and left for the Celtics Asking Horford to accept a discounted 3 year deal when he probably was the most valuable player on the Celtics last season was a giant risk. Why in the world would Horford turn down his option of $30 million to sign a twma friendly 3 year $60 million deal? So you're offering him only $15 million a year for the extra two years? Players of Horford's resume don't make $15 mil a year. That's like some Amir Johnson money.

The Celtics are either going to have to reverse course and actually offer Horford a decent fair market contract or hope the team he chooses is over the cap, so the C's can at least sign-and-trade him.

Also of note is apparently Horford and his agent know they have 4 year contract offers on the table. So much for other teams not being allowed to negotiate with free agents prior to July 1st?