Report: Celtics interested in being third team in Jimmy Butler sign-and-trade

With the reported interest in Kemba Walker to replace Kyrie Irving as the Boston Celtics next point guard, Boston has “significant interest” in being apart of a three-team trade with the Houston Rockets and Philadelphia 76ers that would send Jimmy Butler to Houston, according to Matt George of KHTK.

George explained further in a series of tweets:

If Philadelphia is willing to take on Gordon Hayward, an unknown at this point coming off of an injury-stunted season, then Boston can potentially move him as well as other assets for the likes of Clint Capela, P.J. Tucker and Eric Gordon.

Since this would be a sign-and-trade for Jimmy Butler, a free-agent this summer, the Rockets would be hard-capped at $138 million this season. Without moving all three of Tucker, Capela and Gordon the Rockets would be unable to make this move.

Of course, they have the possibility of trading the other two to the Sixers or a different team for better assets, but in this scenario we are going to go with all three going back to Boston.

John Karalis of said on the “Locked on Celtics" podcast, they would essentially be adding three quality pieces for the price of Hayward and picks.

With this move their starting lineup would likely resemble Walker-Brown-Tatum-Theis-Capela with Tucker and Gordon seeing bench minutes. They could also start Smart in place of Theis and have Brown and Tatum man the wings.

Photo courtesy of Hannah Foslien, Getty Images.

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