Per Numbers Wizard, Albert Nahmad, return of Al Horford is not out of play entirely

Numbers Wizard, Albert Nahmad, appears to have solid respect around the League, and he has indicated that even with the eventual signing of Kemba Walker, the return of Al Horford would be an extreme long shot - but not totally impossible. Even so, the questions to be answered are, would Al consider coming back now that Kemba Walker seems all but locked up - and would Danny Ainge want to commit an extended contract to Horford.

This is going to be a wild free agency season - and it begins in several hours. It is starting to look like a massive 3-dimensional chess game involving 30 general managers. A large number of variables would have to land in Danny's favor for Horford's return to Boston.

It seems the Pelicans might be reluctant to grant a 4-year deal to an aging Horford. Al following Zion Williamson and Jrue Holiday on Twitter made it appear that he may be headed to the Pelicans. Now, we have no idea where the hell he is going.

There you have it - five hours and waiting until free agency. Boston absolutely needs a center with some length and strength. Nahmad puts the room exception at $4.767 million (strange to see an exact figure). Once (if?) we get the word that Horford is signed by another team, using that room exception for the right guy would be the next step.

Until it is a done deal with Al signing elsewhere, I can't help visualizing the Celtics vets, Marcus Smart, Gordon Hayward and (apparently) Kemba Walker playing alongside Horford, and supported by a surging Jay Team of Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown. A pipe dream? Probably. But I'll keep it as long as possible.

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Photo via Brian Babineau/NBAE via Getty Images