Lakers believe they are frontrunners to sign Kawhi Leonard

If this happens, so much for the League being wide open next season. Even at Lebron's age, James/AD/Kawhi would arguably create the most dominant Big 3 in NBA history. I mean let's be honest a team with both Kawhi and Anthony Davis would be pretty ridiculous alone. But not only would you be getting that duo, but you'd be adding them to LeBron James. James could decline in the next few years and still pick up rings as he tries to surpass Michael Jordan's six count. Kawhi might be aiming to pass MJ's six as well.

People will make silly arguments like "there's only one ball," or "What about the rest of the roster? It takes more than three players." People made the same faulty arguments after the Celtics traded five players for Kevin Garnett and formed their Big 3. And they made the same arguments when Bosh and James joined Wade in Miami.

The reality is the Lakers would still have the MLE to sign a starting guard. Then they'd fill out their roster with Kuzma and a bunch of ring chasers. After the trade deadline they would then sign a couple players who get bought out (happens very year).

If you don't want the Lakers to catch up to the Celtics 17 championships, you're rooting for them to strike out in free agency. And if you don't want them to take a considerable lead in titles over the Celtics, you're hoping Kawhi picks any other team. Like I said, even after James gets old and retires, the Lakers would still be the favorites in the NBA with Kawhi and AD still in their 20's. Kawhi to the Lakers is the worst case scenario for Celtics fans. Let's hope he picks the Clippers or Raptors.

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