Deadpan Kawhi Leonard gets our attention in post-game interview

In case you missed it, Kawhi Leonard had a few words to say to the media following the Raptors loss to the Warriors via a last-second dagger by the Dubs Andre Iguodala. Kawhi was asked if he wished the ball had been in someone else's hands - other than Iggy's. His response, though humorous, was as deadpan as it gets - Leonard at his best.

Per Google: DEADPAN

Say something amusing while affecting a serious manner

No, we wanted to see it (the ball) in our hands. We wanted to get a steal. --- Kawhi Leonard

Was that a Frank Drebin-ism, or what? "There's nothing to see here!" Well, maybe there is. I will be paying more attention to Kawhi's interviews in the future.

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Photo via Frank Gunn/The Canadian Press