Afternoon Delight: Kyrie Irving takes center stage at Cricket World Cup

Kyrie doing cricket things

It's that time of year again. The Cricket World Cup. And the modern day Bo Jackson will be trying to bring home the cup for his native Australia. If you recall, Irving who was born in Melbourne, almost played for Australia in the Rio Olympics. of course that would be for basketball. Now based on the above ESPN picture, Irving is back to playing his first love, cricket.

Irving wasn't able to suit up for Australia in the Olympics, but is getting a 2nd chance this summer in his first love, cricket.

Some might try and say, "What, Kyrie doesn't play cricket!" or "No that's Virat Kohli in the picture and that's India's uniform," but they are just trying to distract you from the facts that Kyrie is one of the best cricket players on this flat earth!

Best of luck to you Kyrie!

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