Bol Bol possibly slipping to #22 in draft may compel Danny Ainge to bite

Believe me! I am leery of big men with foot issues. The list is long - Greg Oden, Bill Walton, Yao Ming, Marc Gasol, etc. Now comes young Bol Bol at 7'2" - but with a foot injury already. And this is in college. Still, he could be an exception to the don't-draft-the-big-with-foot-problems rule. If Bol was healthy, he would most likely get taken somewhere in the teens, but it looks like he may drift to the early 20's in the June 20th draft.

SI's Jeremy Woo currently has Bol taken at #21 in the draft, just mid-way between Boston's #20 and #22 picks. Bol has scheduled a workout with specific teams tomorrow, and that could have an effect (good or bad) on where he is selected.

Taking Bol with the Celtics' 14th pick is not a probable move by Ainge, despite the fact Boston could use more depth at the center position. But the 22nd pick is another matter. It comes down to risk and reward. Danny may have another choice in mind at #22. We will find out on June 20.

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Photo via Eric Evans