CelticsLife-Race-to-the-Title winners - Top Five

First of all, let me apologize for ending our Celtics-Race-to-the-Title earlier than expected. Time-demands intervened. As it turned out, the Celtics post-season also ended prematurely - unfortunately.

David Anthopoulos came in at the top spot. Second place was a 4-way tie between Tiago Jesus, Forever_Green, Rajon Rondo Indonesia and CelticsKy. Congratulations to all five, and thanks to everyone who participated.

All five individuals can link onto CelticsLife.com and choose a specific jersey and size - but please give us two additional choices (total of 3) in the event we find your first choice is not in stock. Get back to me at lanet9633@gmail.com with choices and shipping info.

And my message to all who joined in for this contest, I appreciate the dignity and professionalism exhibited. I am hoping to see the same level of behavior from each and every member of the Celtics squad this coming season. And stay with CelticsLife. This off-season may not see "fireworks", but it will be exciting. Next season? I don't know, but I am always optimistic. Thanks again. ----- Tom

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Photo via Omar Rawlings/Getty Images