Boston third in early 2019-20 NBA title odds

The Boston Celtics may have exited the NBA playoffs prematurely, but the good news is there’s always next year.

Celtics fans are craving another NBA championship after suffering through 11 straight seasons without one. If early betting markets are any guide, Boston stands a strong chance of going all the way in the 2019-20 NBA season.

Celtics Third in 2019-20 NBA Championship Odds

Boston fans may be feeling pessimistic about next season, but the bookmakers are a lot more positive. Incredibly, the Celtics are third in early 2019/20 NBA title odds unveiled by the SuperBook at Westgate Las Vegas last week. Given their bullish position, we suspect Vegas bookmakers must know something we don’t know about the Celtics’ prospects of landing Anthony Davis or Kevin Durant in the off-season.

According to the first 2019-20 NBA title odds, the Boston Celtics are paying 7/1 to win the championship. The Celtics trail only the Golden State Warriors, who are paying 7/4, and the Milwaukee Bucks, who are currently 9/2. Interestingly, Boston leads Atlantic Division rivals the Philadelphia 76ers, 10/1, and Toronto Raptors, 20/1, in 2019-20 NBA championship betting, despite having finished with a worse win-loss record than both those teams this season.

Milwaukee Bucks at Enticing Odds in 2018-19 NBA Betting Markets

For any Celtics fans who still care about this season, online bookmakers are offering compelling odds on a Milwaukee Bucks’ championship. Boston fans are in the best position to judge Milwaukee’s prospects after watching the Bucks destroy the Celtics in five games in the Eastern Conference semi-finals.

Bookmakers are still underrating Milwaukee, judging by the odds from the top bookmakers listed in this NBA betting guide 2019. Despite finishing with the best record in the regular season and despite breezing past Detroit and Boston in the first two rounds, the Bucks are still second in NBA title betting behind the Golden State Warriors. Bet365 is paying 8/15 for the Warriors and 5/2 for the Bucks, while Paddy Power is paying 4/7 for the Warriors and 12/5 for the Bucks.

Now is the time to bet on the Milwaukee Bucks (or any other team other than the Golden State Warriors). If the Bucks win the opening game of the Eastern Conference finals in the same manner as they won the final four games of their series against the Celtics, the bookmakers will slash their odds.

Celtics 2019-20 Prospects Hinge on Post-Season Dealings

Returning to the Celtics’ 2019-20 prospects, it is clear Boston’s title chances depend heavily on whether it can land a big fish in the off-season. We know Kyrie Irving is probably on the way out, with the New York and Los Angeles teams leading the betting odds for his signature. Al Horford may be on the way out too.

Irving’s departure may well be a blessing in disguise after his poor performance in the series loss to the Bucks. Conventional wisdom says you can’t win an NBA championship without a star of the calibre of a LeBron James, Steph Curry, Kevin Durant, Giannis Antetokounmpo, or, dare we say it… an Anthony Davis.

It’s no secret the Celtics are chasing Davis, and fans will be thrilled with reports he’s still considering joining the Celtics even if Irving leaves. Is Anthony Davis the missing piece in the Celtics’ championship puzzle? You can be sure Boston will firm in 2019-20 championship odds if AD signs with the Celtics over the pre-season. Assuming Anthony Davis does arrive in Boston, now is the time to get a good-value bet on the Celtics for 2019-20.