Marcus Smart has DEFINITELY become comfortable with interviews

Just because Marcus Smart isn't playing yet doesn't mean i'll stop writing about him. Remember the early interviews with Marcus? He was nervous, awkward and often agitated. Not anymore! He is as relaxed as Smart ever gets, even unbraiding his hair during the interview.

As he describes the excruciating pain when he suffered the injury to his left oblique, his super-relaxed demeanor belies what he went through. But his words do the job nicely!

"... getting hit by Mike Tyson with a body blow. Definitely felt like I was in the ring with Mike Tyson for about 10 seconds.

This wasn't quite like Allen Iverson's mom braiding his hair during a game. We not talkin' practice - this is a game - we not talkin' 'bout practice.

For a quick look at an agitated-Marcus interview, nothing beats the post-game interchange following the Smart-J. R. Smith dustup.

The Boston Celtics are truly a cast of characters. And a damned talented one. Smart let's it all hang out. You knew right away what he thinks. Kyrie Irving? Most of us don't even know what he is saying - let alone thinking. How about Jaylen Brown. He is a tough read, both on the court and away from it. I find him fascinating. The Celtics are a sports writer's dream. Come back soon, Marcus!

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Photo via Seth Wenig/AP photo
Video via Boston Sport