I have decided that Marcus Smart should never be traded

My readers know well that I have been a huge fan of Marcus Smart since he came to Boston. Even when he was heaving up, and missing, desperation shots, I wrote about the many good things he was doing. I have now decided he should never be traded.

I love the above photo. Blocking the Greek Freak at the hoop. He backs down from nothing. And damn it, he is hitting his shots now. So many of our readers had correctly commented that his shot always seemed sound mechanically, but maybe he had a hard time transitioning from intense, in-your-shirt defender to a relaxed, focused shooter. Here's his pre-draft workout.

Marcus' work with kids has been good for everybody involved. Here he is at a dodgeball tournament. He is having as much fun as the youngsters.

Smart won the Red Auerbach Award this season for good reason. It goes to the Celtics player that best-demonstrates the spirit of what it means to be a Boston Celtic. That fits, right? It is easy to display fine character when things are going well, but when adversity strikes, that is the test of a fine individual. If things went really bad in the world, Marcus Smart is the guy I would want near me.

There it is, folks. We can't ever trade this guy. Red Auerbach would have adored him. Danny Ainge is attached to him at the hip - if any player ever is. Danny has never seen a trade he wouldn't at least consider.

For the last 15 games, Smart is hitting 46% on field goals, 36% on 3-pointers and 91% from the foul line. How often have we seen him pluck the ball out of an opponent's hands. He is so damn strong. He hits the floor - intimidates - never gives up on a play. He meshes with kids in such a terrific manner. He is now revealing a real sense of humor, and he is relaxed in the Boston environment. He can never be traded. I have made my case.

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Photo via Charles Krupa/AP photo