Green Envy: What Pacers fans said - 4/5/19

The Boston Celtics wallopped the Indiana Pacers on the road last night in what was perhaps the closest thing we've had to a playoff game all season. The 4th seed in the Eastern Conference was hanging in the balance and the C's looked a lot like the team we envisioned they'd be all season. Gordon Hayward was a perfect 9 for 9 and Kyrie Irving was doing Uncle Drew-esque things and, well...the Pacers had Tyreke Evans missing layups. That about sums it up.

Top Three:

AMAZING EFFORT GUYS!!! AWESOME GAME!!! Love the passion!!!!! Go fuck yourselves.

My grandma just texted me to say that we are getting swept.

Al Horford is a consistent pain in my ass
I hate how unaesthetic his 3 point form is
It legit looks like he's putting a box of cereal back on the top shelf, it's weird

Coach Nate Hate:

Can't believe Nate keeps calling the Tyreke misses a layup play.

Is Nate McMillan going to get another season since Oladipo went down and has an excuse?
Nate's going to get at least 2 more seasons because we grow good-but-never-great basketball here.

17-28 (.378) In case you are wondering, that’s McMillan’s playoff record. Its stellar. It’s amazing. It’s the kind of record that gets you championships and rings. The future is bright.
NaTE fOR cOaCH Of ThE YeAR ThOoO!!!!!!

It's quite eerie how similar Nate McMillan is to Chuck Pagano in terms of coaching style.

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Game 0 of the playoffs, BRING IT ON!!

My blood pressure is already high in anticipation. That last game left me with that punched-in-the-gut feeling like no other. Bankers Life will be rockin. Let's do this fellas.

Blowout victory on deck men. Mark these words, I'll be quoting in our post game thread.
For which team?

Even with the Celtics uneven season, their roster just screams ECF. It's just such a weird feeling. It reminds me of watching that Pacers squad post-brawl.

It's not gonna be a fun series against if our recent form holds. We look like ass night in night out.
Our recent form is two wins against the 6th placed Pistons ??
3-7 in our last ten

Playing pretty shit, but still in the game. Good sign. Bad sign is Kyrie is already getting whatever he wants.

So... Should we not expect to make it out of the first round of the playoffs... with people playing like this....

Should have known this would happen when it was chosen as an ESPN game.

Celtics are hitting contested fadeaways, Pacers looking gassed and discouraged
We don't have Vic, they have one of the best players in the league.
I don't want to watch the playoffs this year.

Score isn't too bad considering we're shooting 39.5% from the field and they're shooting over 50%

C'mon Tyreke look for the open man. You can't score

Someone remind Tyreke Evans that he has the lowest shooting percentage at the rim in the league

Sabonis can beat my dad. That how strong he is.

Marcus Smart only hits threes when they lose, don't worry

I put the game on mute to take a phone call and I could still tell it’s a playoff atmosphere

Celtics fans are not a fan of Morris.

I'm going to end up breaking my TV by the end of this damn game.

Tatum really regressed when it comes to shot selection

Serious question, when did Tatum became such a whiner? His rookie year he just played and was really impressive but tonight he’s thinking he was fouled every dang play.

Kyrie is unreal

I was really hoping to get unengaged Kyrie tonight. Boo

Our team has to try so hard to score but Kyrie just shoots it from wherever.

This game went from 100 to 0 real fast

Goodnight everyone. I'm done.
I dont blame u man. We playing like dog shit.

The worst part about this game is how little it seems some people care. We're used to it from Tyreke, but it's a very passive game.

Overall we’ve been outplayed, but it’s just such a bummer the Cs are so whiney.

Im here and the stadium is just in awe. Am I wrong they have called 10+ fouls on us this quarter?

It's cool guys, we get all the bullshit calls in the second half, that's how it works right?

Even the Celtics announcers are saying we’re getting screwed

Brought the playoff refs eh

Mark my words. We will win this game despite everthing.

I ABSOLUTELY EXPECT the Pacers to come out of that locker room for the 2nd half with blood lust in their eyes

why do i force myself to watch this dogshit happen every single time we play a popular team

Welcome back, Wes. Now here's 28 minutes of Marcus Smart.

This is a PATHETIC showing. Like, don’t even show up to the playoffs bad.

There’s nothing to cheer about. They’re getting run off the floor.

How will we win playoff series (talking next season) with our FT%? Vic being a part of the problem too.

For sale: Corey Joseph - 1 steak dinner at Ruth's Chris or best offer.

I’m going to assume the Cory Joseph sleeps on top of a Native American burial mound each and every night. It’s the only thing that explains his poor offensive abilities

I can’t wait until we get Gordon Hayward as a salary dump when the Celtics go after AD
Can Brad Stevens be included in the package?

Why the hell does the crowd sound like the game is in Boston

Man this series is gonna be more infuriating than last year's.

I haven’t seen effort this bad since we were running Monta Ellis, Rodney Stuckey, Lavoy Allen, Kevin Seraphin, and Jeff Teague.

Well looks like we getting the 5 seed boys

Am I the only forever positive Pacers fan? Time to go hard I say.
We are losing by 20 in game that will most likely determine if we get home field advantage in the playoffs. There’s not much positive about this game

Nice job Celtics, you're finally about to have a better record than a team with no All-Stars!

Great show for all the Pacers fans tonight. Man, what a way to spend a Friday night.

I love the Pacers and want them to win. I will support them in the playoffs, but everyone that said we're going to sweep the Celtics...what were you thinking? This series is going to be ugly.
Who the fuck thought we were gonna sweep the Celtics?

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