Green Envy: What Pacers fans said - Round 1, Game 3 - 4/19/19

The Celtics went on the road and took care of business in game 3 against the Indiana Pacers, giving themselves a commanding 3-0 series lead in round 1 of the playoffs. Pacers fans mostly pulled an about-face on Tyreke Evans after he was the only guy to show up for their first home game of the postseason, that is after they've essentially trashed him on every other Green Envy from this season. But, apparently he was the savior they didn't deserve as the Pacers came up short and look like they're packing their bags for the offseason.

Top Three:

We are getting shit on. May as well be Pats Colts.

Did the halftime guy just say Tyreke Irving or am I drunk off two beers?
“The halftime guy” smgdh put some respeck on Jalen Rose’s name

Can’t wait for all my uncles to be like “HEY WHAT’N’THE HELL IS GOING ON WITH THE PACERS?!” on Easter, like I’m the coach.

Tyreke Evans Redemption Tour?:

Tyreke hasn’t missed a shot while warming up

Does Reke have family in the crowd or something? Dude is locked in.

If Evans wins this game for us I will denounce any negative comments I've ever made about him

Did my eyes just fail me, or did I just see Evans make a layup?

how dose Tyreke Evans carry those HUGE Steel Balls
That’s why he always eurosteps...

Reke is growing on me a little bit lately. Still has some boneheaded moments but he's far from our biggest problem rn.

Guys if Tyreke plays the rest of this series like he did in the 2nd quarter, what do you think of him coming back?
Still no but tonight I love him

If this man just could make a Layup
He'd be Harden lite
Diet Harden
Low calorie Harden

If Tyreke wins is this game I’ll buy his t shirt

Playoff tyreke! Max him!

*bows to Tyreke

Reke getting a standing ovation damn near brought a tear to my eye

What cruel irony is it that Tyreke Evans is our savior in the playoffs.

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Let's try not to embarrass ourselves this time...

I don't have the emotional resilience for this! My head says stop expecting much but my heart needs Pacers to win the next two.

They say the playoffs don't start until the home team loses. Let's make sure they dont start tonight.

If I expect nothing, I can't be disappointed... right guys?

With Oladipo, I'd be super confident we can win this. Not without him.

Nate adjusted. Tonight instead of the scoring drought in the second half, we are going to do it right away

This is honestly sickening, every shot is nothing but net

Lol this is actually hilarious. They literally can't miss.

Is Boston shooting 100%??? Sure seems like it

It's hard to win when your opponent hits every stupid shot they take

Great, we're getting swept aren't we

Let's get excited for the off-season boy and girls we had a good run.

I just don't want it to hurt anymore

they missed a three - here’s our chance!

First 40-point quarter for the Celtics since 1990. Of course.

Not worried about the slow start, we've done this plenty. Just worried about the second half like always.

member when we signed doug and everyone loved him...i member

Nate should also let the players know they need to execute better. That's a game changer.

Our season peaked after Vic beat the Bulls at the buzzer...almost all downhill from there

Only way to stop Kyrie is to triple-team and assume he won't pass. We found the answer.

I guess Matthews was at least deterring Irving. But his shot selection, pass selection, and body language were poop.

The fact that we’ve played so terribly all series and haven’t been blown out really says a lot about this Boston team, if they play like this against the Bucks they will get destroyed

So we do sweep the Celtics if we have Vic? I'm sticking with it.

Tyreke Evans will die if he makes a contested layup

I hope we keep feeding Thad in the post. I swear if we dont see anymore of it then I will join the Hate Nate bandwagon.
Depends on who’s guarding him. No thanks if it’s Al.

Tyreke “Kyrie Irving” Evans

This is completely random, but what tattoo is on the back-center of Kyrie's neck? Anyone know by chance?
The Knicks logo

No lie, I didn't think Brown was this good. I always thought of him as the afterthought once Tatum showed up.

I see Brad Stevens copied Nate’s playbook at half.

Guess what guys, Kyrie Ball isn't as good as Celtic team basketball. Weird.

So THIS is what GOLD DON'T QUIT means!

Alright... Our bench brought us back, now bring everyone back in that put us down 15...


God forbid we put our offense in the hands of a player who is hot. Let’s just stand around, act like we may attack, and then brick a low percentage shot.

Matthews trying to play himself into the Chinese league.

F the Wahlburgs and their overpriced burgers.

If I were a neutral fan I would hate watching us. Were so boring.

I just don't have any reaction to this shit anymore. These 3rd quarters have killed my soul.

I'm not too worried yet, still all to play for in the 4th.

Just one.. please? Please god.

Our offense makes me want to throw my TV out the window.

Wish I had a dollar for every time I heard Nate say “we gotta do a better job”

Good news is it’s only a single digit deficit at the end of 3rd...bad news is Nate is still calling the shots

As expected, we have a shootout between Reke and Brown tonight.

We just don't have anyone that can match Kyrie
Most teams don't lol

I feel dirty wishing Nate would put Reke in the fucking game

Kyrie is legitimately one of the scariest players I've ever seen. No matter what he is like off the court, he is a monster on court.

FUN PACERS FACT - Life is meaningless and in 100,000 years no one will remember the great minds of Plato or Einstein, let alone this basketball series!

I accept full responsibility for tonight’s loss. I stopped wearing my Pacers jersey to go to a bar. This is what happens. Sorry boys.
I’m wearing the Oladipo shirsey but I don’t think it has the same power.

It's funny the Pacers were favored going into this game..

Well, at least a handful of minutes from this game were fun. Let's hope we can avoid the sweep.

Dear Kemba,
Have you ever had a Long’s doughnut?

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