Green Envy: What Pacers fans said, Game 2 - 4/17

The Celtics are taking a 2-0 lead to Indiana after a come from behind 99-91 win on Wednesday night. Pacers fans had to endure a brutal fourth quarter in this one, where their team went nearly eight minutes without scoring a point while blowing a double-digit lead. Unlike their basketball team, Pacer fans were making a lot of noice during the fourth's what they were saying.

Top Three

We just saved the bad quarter for the fourth this time. Adjustments!
-This might be my favorite Green Envy line ever

IDK, maybe try scoring.

Shoot ball into basket. Its pretty simple!

Late inbounds fail

One word reactions are all anyone could say about this one:

Welp. Wow... Why? Unbelievable. Well..

Well, and this:

Any coach that draws up a cross court pass with 13 seconds to go, needs to be fired.

Full slate

laughing stock of the league

Already a better third than last game. Not that it takes much.

*Referring to Bill Belichick sitting courtside:
Bellicheat with his gold digger skank wife

Ok. Please don’t get outscored by a dozen in the 4th.

Hey, I'll take a lead in a game where the 3rd quarter has already happened.

Man why do I feel a let down coming?


Well that didn't last long

Ok I'm starting to think the basketball gods hate us

Hot take, 14-0 run is bad to give up in the fourth.

why are you so good then so so bad? #Pacers

turns out basketball is a dumb sport that nobody watches anyway who cares #Pacers

Pacers absolutely imploded in the 4th, after they absolutely imploded in the second half of game 1

Nice of Matthews to finally do something there.

I guess the Pacers slogan for playoffs is incorrect, gold does quit. They clearly gave up at the end.

I hate the basketball gods right now

Trying to keep my frustration inside with game 2 but I wanna Slam my head through a brick wall.

Umm...Kemba Walker please

Fire nate, burn the roster, roar

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