Green Envy: What Heat fans said - 4/3/19

Another day, another Boston Celtics win over the Miami Heat. The Heat are scraping for their playoffs lives and last night's loss wasn't part of their plan. I know C's fans are happy to see a pair of home-and-home W's against D-Wade on his way out of the league. Good riddance!

Top Three:

I hope I'm wrong about this, but it has the same feeling as the game on Monday, where it doesn't feel like we're going to win.

Shooting under 50% from the line 🤦🏽‍♂️ ***Edit: my dumbass, we’re 7/12 ☠️
It's alright we're all surpised we're over 50%

We about to be the most expensive team to ever miss the playoffs. Culture breaking records🔥🔥🔥

Josh Richardson Broke his...:

What happened to jrich I just got home
He broke his penis

Jrich hurt his dick?
Groin probably but basically yeah

It’s not groin-related, they just said “left leg injury”
Groin is part of leg

Well he either got his manhood rattled or he tore his groin :(

Rodman broke his dick so this means JRich will be as good as Rodman

Man we are missing J Rich DEFENSE against Uncle Drew
His dick died for this ☠️

Full Slate:

Idea: Don't go down 20 in the 1st quarter.

Who's ready for another close loss to Boston?

We are a fringe playoff team. Might as well tank bruh
Is this a joke? There’s like 3 games left, how can we tank now

If we can some how limit Kyrie to 20 or less we can win. Also the zone doesn’t work for long periods of time. Spoelstra needs to play man to man majority of the game.

How many three’s until we stop playing zone

Back with the strategy of leaving Kyrie wide open from 3, that's bold

We gonna lose. Can't stop them

Bro this is some Final Destination slip falls and wierd injury and collision tonight at the AAA.

We are the only team that flops and gets zero calls

These refs totally show bias. It shouldn't be like that but that's the way it is. They are making a statement that if you bitch, they'll keep ignoring calls.


33 Double DOUBLES Coming of the Bench. I can't wait for the post game winning interview with WHITESIDE

RIP Whiteside after Wade retires
Fr cause nobody else passes to him lol


Tatum in Beast mode. I hope we make the playoffs and knock them out!

Why spo hasn’t told this whole team that everything runs thru Winslow is beyond me

Nothing has irked me more over the last 16 years than wades jump passes

Imagine if we would’ve traded goran in 2016 for a good pick or something. Dumbass riley

The team should fine olynyk every time he shoots an off balance 3

Why are we playing zone again, the Celtics have made adjustments for it
Not just the Celtics literally every team knows how to beat it now

They are literally shitting on the zone. Tatum is too good of a mid range shooter

Why tf are we still playing zone. Spo is so stubborn man. They are cooking the zone and he makes no changes.

These refs annoying tonight, even without the homer bias. They’re calling it like if all ten players are made of porcelain.

They had Brian wannamker and semaj ojele on the court and we couldn’t capatlize smh

Here's a novel idea, don't sag off of Kyrie.

Kyrie is just too nasty

Kyrie would be a heatle this summer if pat didn’t blow all our cap space 😔

Atleast we aren’t losing by 26🤷🏻‍♂️

Magic won need a W tonight

I can never emphasize this enough. I cannot stand Olynyk. He's so bad when he's bad.

Time and time again Hassan comes in and we piece together a run, or we take a lead. Yet, my dawg get no love.

The zone has actually worked really well tonight. The difference is they are 20-23 from FT and we are 12-19

Team is allergic to not playing in close games
It ain't a heat game if ur anus ain't clenching in the fourth quarter

Remember the days when we used to crush opponents in the 4th? WTF man...

May be Spo’s worst season as a HC. Hasn’t figured out rotations at all, plays the wrong ppl at the wrong time. So bad

Lmaooo this L is on Spo
Celtics are also just way better than us...

Wade deserves better than this shit

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