Green Envy: What Bucks fans said - Round 2, Game 1 - 4/28/19

The Boston Celtics rolled into Milwaukee and opened up a massive can-of-whoop-ass on Giannas Antetokounmpo and the Bucks. Al Horford was phenomenal as he anchored the defense and Kyrie Irving was in full playoff mode as he ran the Celtics attack to the tune of a 22-point beatdown on the road in game 1. The C's jumped all over the Bucks right from the gate and even when Milwaukee got a run of good play Boston would snuff it out with a response of their own. I can't imagine the games going much better than it did and, well...Bucks fans couldn't imagine it being any worse!

Top Three:

Boston guy a few rows behind us just refusing to shut up. Insulting the city, being an utter asshole in a thick Boston accent. This is my nightmare.

Well shit, if the Brewers lose and Jaime Lannister dies tonight, this will be a pretty shitty Sunday. Maybe I’ll watch footage of a Packers loss just in case I’m not completely dead inside.

if anybody is wondering why we lost...

Full Slate:

Almost time for the new King of the East and his squad of assassins to begin battle against their next victim.

*Playoff Giannis has entered the chat*

Bledsoe is playing amazing on hard matches this season, i hope he keeps this up and we don't see the last year's playoffs bledsoe

It's time for everyone to finally respect this team


Hubie Brown = Crypt Keeper

Boston fans are gonna be shocked when they realize this isn’t last year’s Bledsoe

Flat Earther about to get punked.

Am I The only one who has PTSD from Horford still from last playoffs?


Khris the celtics killer

Giannis needs to settle down.

Giannis getting shut down early not good

We need to switch up our offensive gameplan or this could get ugly.

Getting a bit disjointed there Celtshits ? Told ya, this performance of theirs won't last.

Halftime thoughts: Giannis looks terrible. Kyrie can't miss.

The bucks are playing like they had 6 days off

Alright, time to get our shit together—gotta figure out how to get Giannis more involved.

George Hill can’t be your second best player in a playoff game but here we are.

we cant afford to lose a home game, we just cant

sheesh that was an exhausting half to watch. gotta be okay with being down 2 when literally everything went right for the celtics

Bucks in 6 requires 2 losses 🤷‍♂️

If Giannis could, you know, just play slightly decent, we would win.

Giannis is gonna be mad in the 2nd half look out boston

Bud has been outcoached today with some shaky lineups

my day is ruined and my disappointment is immeasurable

Who is this guy and what has he done with the MVP

Horrible Giannis half and it is gonna be basically tied, no need to worry

Giannis is gonna get it going. Old man Al is gonna slow down real soon. But when they collapse like that Giannis gotta find the open man. Wide open threes a plenty.

Our crowd is DEAD
Team is dead right now

We've proved every single doubter right today.

We really had a chance to make a run here. Now Kyrie is coming back in

Kyrie even looks like the type of dude to believe the Earth is flat.

I’ve never seen this Bucks team look more hopeless. Celtics punched them in the mouth and they have no idea how to recover

Since we haven't defended mid-range shots for the entire season, this series is going to be a nightmare.

Eric Bledsoe is not good in the playoffs
He's just not today
Or any game vs the celtics

Boston appears to be our playoff kryptonite.

Yeah, we didn't play well today. I'm confident though that the Bucks will be able to turn it around in future games.

Giannis won't let this happen again. He's gonna go hard in the paint in Game 2.

Well we shot like shit. Hopefully we won't continue to shoot like shit

Time to refocus, re-scheme, and readjust cuz if we lose game 2 it’s more than likely a wrap.

Guys we’re still going to the finals right?

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