Celtics tweet picture of green Anthony Davis jersey - Is it Tampering?

The Anthony Davis-to-Boston stuff just never goes away totally, does it? Here's the latest. According to Yahoo Sports' Chris Cwik and NBC Sports, after receiving a fan request, the Celtics tweeted out a photo of a green Anthony Davis jersey.

The question here is whether or not this constitutes tampering on the part of the Boston Celtics. Here is Yahoo Sports' Chris Cwik's analysis of the situation:

It’s unclear whether anything else will come out of this promotion gone wrong for the Celtics. The NBA is sensitive to tampering, and this could violate those rules. Teams can’t just tweet out their jerseys with the name and number of a player currently on another team. And since there’s evidence the Celtics weren’t duped into the error, that makes this whole fiasco look even worse.

The lesson here: Don’t engage in tampering even if it will make one of your fans happy. Even LeBron James is more subtle than that.

Tampering or not, this Davis-to-Boston saga goes to bed periodically, only to be re-wakened, such as in this case. We will have a clearer picture come July, but for now, the playoffs are pending and the Celtics are looking pretty strong. Time to enjoy the ride.

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Photo via Boston Sports Extra: Boston Herald