Celtics have partnered with Corona - nice partnership, but odd fit

I am certainly not against the Celtics partnering with Corona - I think it's a good thing. It just seems an odd fit. Let a few photos give you my side of this.

The top photo is from a Corona beer commercial - obviously matching their beer with a warm, welcoming beach scene. Now I offer a recent photo of my lot.

You know where I'm going with this. It is now April 3, which people tell me is Spring, and not much has changed. This is a photo of my back door taken several minutes ago.

So as not to depress my avid readers, here is what Corona projects in their commercials. I doubt they will be knocking on my door in New Hampshire - even if they were able to get to it.

Now I understand that our beaches are warm (not the ocean water) and welcoming in the summer. But summer is not here. So for now, here is Larry Bird pitching for Miller Lite. There is be no beach in sight. So welcome, Corona, to Celtics-Land. Just don't make any commercials here until summer. That should arrive sometime in late August.

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Photos via YouTube and Linda Lane