Green Envy: What Heat fans said - 4/1/19

The Celtics spoiled Dwyane Wade's final showing at the TD Garden on Monday night with a 110-105 win over the Heat. Despite nearly blowing yet another big lead the C's were able to hold on and walk away with a win, and our old pal Kelly Olynyk was firing on all cylinders.

Top Three:

Tried to turn the game on, but only found a new episode of The Twilight Zone having to do with a nightmarish basketball game.

Maybe the team should take that piece of floor Wade got and burn it half time

Normally when KO looks bad, he’s doing KO things and is just a fraction out of sync, which is a fraction he can’t afford since he already walks a tightrope to make up for his lack of athletic gifts.

Full Slate:

I like the start, getting the turd quarter out of the way

Whiteside defending point? What trickery is this

Had a feeling about this game and it wasn’t good

Now down our 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th best perimeter defenders...oof

wow. Dragic putting the team on his back through sheer effort. Not sure he can keep it up all half, but he’s given them a chance.
And JJ just looks awful right now. He’ll make a few plays that make you think he’s right… and then he makes a couple of god awful ones a night or two later that make you wonder if he’s an NBA player.

Somehow making a comeback. And here I was hoping we’d get to see Yante. Oh well. Go Heat!

I can't believe Whiteside didn't bother to go out and even provide token resistance there.

Wow. I gave up way too early on this team!

KO is bad out of control tonight

how much talent does Boston have? This has NOT been a good season for ole Brad.
They only have a few more wins than the Heat #Genius

Hope we're not out of gas

KO... what is going on?
It is like he is trying to score 8 points with every shot.

LMAO Kelly....
Might have been trying a wee bit too much against his former team

Kyrie is beyond wild. Someone hit him with a tranquilizer

wow KO. Bad time to have his worst game of the year.
ok, I have no idea how he only has 3 turnovers. It feels like 7.

Must win at home against Boston. Play the damn starters and stop babying them

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