Green Envy: What Wizards fans said - 3/1/19

AT LONG LAST! It's been over two weeks since we've had a Green Envy, and FINALLY, the Boston Celtics and the basketball gods have blessed us with some hate, pain, and irrational takes from our opponents' fans. Wizards fans are usually some of the best in the league but they didn't quite have their fastball tonight. Still, there's plently of gems in here tonight!

Top Three:

where were you when marcus morris shot 10 3s in a game before the fourth quarter?

I was nervous for a minute that they might actually try to make the playoffs... whew glad that passed

If Trevor Ariza retires and opens a candy and pizza restaurant in northern Italy, he can call it Trevor Ariza's Reese's Pieces & Cheese Pizzas of Pisa

Full Slate:

Victory is very improbable, but it would be so SWEET!

It's amazing that three years into the Scotty Brooks era and we're still baffled by bigs that can step out and hurt us from the perimeter

Leave it to the Wizards to be slump busters

Horford always goes ape shit on us

Brad going to play 48 minutes. Brooks has this team thinking they can’t do anything without Brad on the floor.
They actually can't


Jabari is secretly clever. He knows we won’t do shit in the playoffs so he’s helping the tank

Wow Marcus Smart is more than living up to his $

For tonight screw a tank, they gotta take this one.

Just imagine if we had a good head coach

celtics 30 beal and friends 20 to end the first

I know that we need to give Beal fewer minutes but we have no offense without him

Jabari was never ever meant to throw a no-look pass

I hope Boston collapses so we can get more cryptic Kyrie quotes and Smart bitching to the media.

Half the time I love Ariza and half the time he pisses me off more than I knew an NBA player could

Why does Bobby Portis have such crazy eyes?

we're doing something right now, not sure if it's playing basketball though

just put in Thomas Bryant he's the only player who can actually score apparently

This game ugly. RIP the rivalry from a couple of seasons ago. Better times\


I can't believe we're actually seeing TBJ get non-garbage time minutes this year. In multiple quarters in the same game no less!

That one Boston announcer speaks like he nodded off and is trying to play it off to everyone like he wasn't sleeping...BLARCUS UHH MORRIS with the STEAL uhhh

you would think someone would eventually box out Rozier on that

with Wall out, the position of Wizards best rim protector is now awarded to: Bradley Beal

Is it just me or do the Celtics look bored af out there

Celtics don't seem to give a shit anymore, lol. They keep getting turnovers on that idiotic entry pass to the post

Ariza's gonna end this game with 30 turnovers

Kudos to Baynes for getting rid of that stupidass haircut he's had the past couple years

Beal needs to try being Harden for a game or two, and see how it goes

now i wanna know how hungover beal was for that workout last week where hayward cooked him

Heyward putting up more effort on his haircut and beard than basketball. Dude's just out for ad dollars at this point

Hayward playing hot potato with the rock. Whenever he gets it, he dishes it away. He's so afraid to play.

Ive been consistently watch the Wiz for 3 years never have i seen us shit the bed in 25 seconds of play as much as just then, my god that was atrocious.

damn i know we've been trash but fuck these refs in the 4th.

remember how much contact these refs allowed in the first quarter?

Good game, y'all. Excuse me while I go refresh Tankathon non-stop for the next three months

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