Green Envy: What Warriors fans said - 3/5

The Celtics bounced back in a big way Tuesday night, defeating the defending champions at Oracle Arena in a blowout. It was a refreshing sight to see for Celtics fans, but it was more frustration for a Warriors team that seems to be coasting through the rest of the regular season with no urgency (which, honestly, they don't even really need).

You might think that Golden State fans have come to expect this and know not to panic about individual losses that their dynasty faces prior to the postseason. Yet, they had a lot to say about getting whooped by a seemingly dysfunctional Celtics team.

Top Three

A root canal would’ve been a more enjoyable experience than tonight’s game.

Dubs sucked the toxins out of celtics... no more toxicity in boston now

Just bench them all

Unhappy Oracle

The only fans left at Oracle are Celtics fans.

What a pathetic effort, losing by 20 at home to a disfunctional team

Imagine blowing $300+ on tickets at Oracle only to come to this

Garbage... this team has no business playing like this at home.

Never seen a championship team get outplayed so much. Really giving the home fans the finger this year.

Trashing KD

Smh KD needs to go whats wrong wit him

Durant playing with Lebron energy. Jesus christ he’s been awful in this game.

KD's body language is absolute trash. Wanna help your legacy? Then stop acting this way and gun for this 3 peat ffs. Straight getting outplayed & outworked by Gordon Hayward's corpse.

Durant is busy talking strategy with Kyrie for next season.....

Is this Durant’s worst effort as Warrior?

Put Cousins on the bench and get KD some Prozac and they can salvage the season. But that’s what it will take lol.

The effort by KD is so bad

Durant is playing weird basketball

Man running the ball through KD is whack lol

KD getting pawned by a crippled Hayward, smh

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They don't look like they want to be on a basketball court together -It's refreshing to see this comment coming from a different franchise than the Celtics for once in the past month!

Nice to be the cure for other teams' ills.

Probably the worst effort and body language I've seen during the Kerr era

celtics having better chemistry than us?

ItS tHe ReGuLaR sEaSoN! As a fan I’m over the lack of effort.

Regular season continues to be a snooze fest...

Scary to think that Bogut is key to winning a title...

Lets be real we don't need a 73-9 season

Looks like I will not be watching any sports shows the next few days.

FWIW, Kyrie always owns the W's

Hayward remembered that anonymous quote and kicked our a** tonight.

Yabusele is a thick a** mofo, lol

Our defense is rec league quality. What are we the Lakers? - As Celtics fans, we approve this burn!

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