Green Envy: What Kings fans said - 3/6/19

Gordon Hayward followed up a 30-point performance in a rout against the Golden State Warriors on Tuesday night with another solid game, including the game-winning shot to bury Buddy Hield and the Sacramento Kings. While he's suddenly rounding into playoff form, so might be the Celtics. Despite the absence of their star point guard, Kyrie Irving, the C's won their 2nd-straight game for the first time in a long time, and while they completely ran away with their vicotory over the reigning champions they had to grind this one out in Sacramento. Who would've thought it just took a trip out West to get back on track?!

Top Three:

We can’t play “we are the champions” when we haven’t been to the playoffs in 14 years.

Fuck that guy on kiss cam that was wearing a warriors jersey. Gtfoh

Always always always miss shots when a 2 pac song is playing
If only the shots missed Tupac :(

Pregame Thoughts:

Gotta win this one to stay afloat boys
Kyrie out. I like our chances!

Kyrie out which means they'll play better probably

Must win tonight. Let's make their draft pick they stole from us worse! Also get another game closer to the playoffs.

Too many mitigating factors to claim they’re better without Kyrie. Bottom line he’s a superstar, their best player, and a nightmare for our guards to defend, him being out definitely helps our chances. Look for Barnes to frustrate Hayward/Tatum and De’Aaron to slow down scary Terry while Buddy Buckets gets loose for 30+ and a Kings win

Must win guys. Spurs not gonna lose anymore. We can't let the season is over. Kids worked hard not shouldn't be done here.

Full Slate:

Tatum is aimbotting. Someone ban him

No hops Bogdanovic

O no. Baynes has Harry like a book. It's gonna be a tough night

idc if it's a long rebound, it can't get past 4 of our guys

We need to get rid of all the Serbs and Euros, cones on defense

Here comes Jaylen, buckle up guys we will go on a 15-0 streak. He sucks.

HB working bum ass Hayward

Why did Bogi inherit Kobe's mentality
He made a deal with the devil in exchange for his buzzer beater against LA

Buddy "butterfingers" Heild

Is there something up with the ball I swear we’ve dropped so many rebounds or loose balls or passes

does belli have the worst hands in the league
Nah, that award goes to Ben McLemore.
thats my pizza guy

49-49 at half? What year is this???

Both teams bobbling the ball away and clanking a lot of shots near the end there. Could be worse though. A tie after that second isn’t too bad a spot to be in

Stop. Leaving. Them. Open.

lol of course terry rozier is gonna go off for 30

Fox gotta close out better on these shooters man Rosier can’t be drilling threes all game

Oh look it’s that small ball starting lineup again that makes me want to shoot myself

The Celtics are so good at setting up mismatches

Defense is bad because we have guys like Bogi and Buddy forced to guard Tatum and Morris. This doesn’t make any sense and it’s really frustrating.

Fucking scary Terry. That dude is a kings killer

Joerger is still figuring out how to manage Fox’s minutes. Trial and error, heavy on the error lately.

i'm at the game, why the fuck are there so many Celtic fans here??

damn fox broke my ankles.....AND IM LAYING DOWN

Buddy looks like he turned on the ultimate carry mode tonight.

Buddy take my energy!!!

the nbcsboston announcers are talking up buddy hard

Imagine if LeBron played as hard as Buddy, that's what idolizing Kobe will do to your work ethic. Buddy Boyy

BUDDY , please stop. Stop trying to do too much, you're not Kobe yet.

All things aside, Jaylen Brown is terrible as always, i saw people who wants him to Kings on this sub around trade deadline, i hope this match can help to change your minds, HE IS AWFUL.

At this point let’s just run Barnes ISOs for the rest of the game


The Very End - Gordon Hayward,  Soul Crusher - :


when buddy shot that i was like, 'what the fu... OH SHIT'



Kings games are going to give me heart problems

I hate waiting on clutch fts

my balls hurt


***tie game***

Tf is going on

Ah shit

Fucking Hayward

what a shot

Let him go straight down...

My god my heart

Hurts more every time, my goodness.

Shouldn't have let Hayward do that. But it was a good game, just yet another tough loss as per usual.

Rip playoffs.

Gonna lose another heartbreaker. Why Kings why

That one hurt the most

One step forward, two steps back.

Boston fans are so spoiled

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