Green Envy: What Hawks fans said - 3/16/19

The tanking Atlanta Hawks just wouldn't go away after being down big, but the Celtics hung on and won another one at home. While Trae Young had himself a nice game, even shooting more efficient than his opposing point guard, Kyrie Irving did a much better job filling that stat sheet as he just missed his 2nd-straight triple-double. But if you're listening to Hawks fans, you'd think Trae already has his Hall of Fame bust waiting for him in Springfield.

Top Three:

Keep your eyes on the prize guys: Zion

At this point the Hawks should just hand Smart the ball from out of bounds to save time.

Are the Celtics actively trying to lose?
Trying to out-tank us? Not today.

Trae Young, Hall of Famer:

Trae > kyrie

I don't care what anyone says Trae is just a better Kyrie
Kyrie might be the most hatable star in the league just because he’s so damn weird

Trae's hilarious, pretty sure he's tried to dad dick every top 10 guard we've played this year
He has to keep his kids in line

Trae is one of the best players in the nba and he should be treated like it. This ain’t no average rookie

Trae low key might be MVP of the league if it really means most valuable. This team is night and day different with him on the court
Okay lets chill lmao

Why doesn't Trae get more minutes?
To make it fair for the other teams

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this is such a pleasant time to have a basketball game

Does anybody know why this game is so early and every other game is normal time? I was hoping to enjoy the game after work but now I gotta figure out a way to watch it at work without getting caught
The NBA likes to give some matinee games to the European fans that can watch at a reasonable hour

idc what anyone says. Taurean Prince has to be replaced in the starting lineup next year. Him dribbling the ball in any sort of way is terrible.

I don't really hate any NBA team except for the Celtics so let's embarrass them.

Smart is low key the perfect guy for our current roster construction


Collins looks off today. Like he’s surprised every time he gets the ball

If Trae and Kyrie want to duke it out and both drop 100 I wouldn't mind

Marcus Smart has never fouled anyone in his entire life

Based on how the Celtics shoot against us they’re my ecf champion favorites

I am stuck on LP getting the BOS feed. Nobody is worse than Heinsohn. No one. Gonna have to end up on mute.

Bench unit is horrid. Just put three defenders on Trae and two on Taurean

Whenever I see green... I see red. God I can’t stand the Celtics.

every knocked ball off the Celtics is apparently still their ball.

Our starting 5 are actually pretty good. Like can hang with about any team out there. Like not necessarily "contend" but they can hang. It is amazing how far the drop off is from those guys to our bench lol.

Future Hawks Jaylen Brown is showing off for his future teammates
Wait... that would actually be a great pickup in 2020 if he doesnt command an overpay
He’s already vocally unhappy in Boston

Vince showing he’s the greatest number 15 in hawks history

Trae plays amazing in the first quarter
Pierce: let's take him out as long as possible so his groove is gone

This team post-ASW lowkey is already a 40+ win team
If you could make a 6-23 start disappear, the 40 games after is like a 37 win pace.

Taurean Prince = Handsome Squidward

Trae took everyone's shooting powers apparently

Imagine if Bembry was like 6'8. He'd be the best defensive player of all time don't @ me

Feels like the Baptist is having a bad game but here he is with 20/9/5

How does Trae shoot so deep when his balls hold him down so much?!

Trae and Collins on defense together this game is reallllyyy bad tho


Hawks and 25+ point comebacks against the celtics, name a better duo

Trae giveth and Trae taketh

Definitely a learning experience for Trae.... Smart is an elite one on one defender

Trae has had 4 turnovers in the past 2 minutes

broke:we lost
woke:came back down from 25 and still helped our pick out

Are they freezing Trae Young out? Do his teammates not like him? He’s 5/8 from 3 and they’re doing everything but pass him the ball
smart is shutting him down lol

I lose an IQ point every time prince ignores an open trae young

Dedmon and Prince wanted the L

Not having Hayward today hurt us big time.

Celtics up 20, likely win if they don't rest their starters extra long. Rest their starters extra long.
Final minutes, C's win if they just run clock. Don't run clock.
Guess they're trying to practice close game scenarios.

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