Green Envy: What Cavs fans said - 3/26/19

The Boston Celtics ended their 4-game skid, and Green Envy drought, with a win over the Cleveland Cavaliers. The double-digit victory is a little misleading, as the Celtics let the Cavs hang around for most of the game before closing them out late - BUT we'll take our wins any way we can get them these days. The Cavs faithful didn't give us anything stellar tonight. I think they're tanking with the team.

Top Three:

Guerschon's ass is freaking insane

Tatum playing like Bron is still on the team

Is there an accent worse than a Boston accent? It sounds like a hardcore speech impediment.

Full Slate:

Kyrie playing hooky again.

FIRST BLOOD drawn by the Cavaliers of Cleveland!!

Pacers are gonna bounce the Celtics out in the first round. Book it!

why is smart wide open all the time?

Baynes is a doofus

Celtics are limping into the playoffs. Their team even performs better without Kyrie.. pathetic

Clarkson is a Rotation Michael Jordan.

Clarkson horrible body language and effort. Marcus Smart is his dad in this game.

Really can't wait to watch the celtics get their shit stomped and then Kyrie to leave. Gonna be the juiciest sweetest thing.

That early 2nd Q lineup gave me cancer.

Is it just me or has our team never won a jump ball. I can’t even recall it happening once in the last few years.

Maybe they should try guarding Tatum instead of giving him open shots

Geez K Love is looking BAD tonight

So how are we still in the game?

Lmao Sexton had time to flex after his dunk and still almost stole the ball
Dude is lightening quick

Sexton is faster than my left hand.
But slower than your right I presume??

Collin first 30 point game watch party?🤔 (for real this time (maybe))

Kyrie is such a whiny little baby I'm glad he's gone

Just got we're still in this game?

Is Love sick or something? He looks awful at both ends

Love saw that we're playing Boston so he jumped into his playoffs mode.

Help the Helper! We need an assistant coach that will drill defensive principles into this team.

As soon as JC puts his head down after missing both FTs Smart blew by him for 2. Oof

Guys it's all my fault. The moment I got home and turned the TV on we were tied, and it only went down from there. I shouldn't have kept watching.

They play better without Kyrie, imo

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