Green Envy: What Knicks fans said - 2/1/19

The Celtics rolled into Madison Square Garden last night to take on the New York Knicks G-League, wait a sec, that is actually just the Knicks. Totally desperate "We Want Kyrie" chants rained down on the court from a fan-base who just cleared enough cap space for two potential max-level free agents and are already looking toward the offseason. The only problem with their plan is that Knicks fans seem to forget that they've signed just one "star" (Amare Stoudamire) since 1996, despite courting the top free agents every, single, year. Good luck with Kyrie though! I'm sure things will be different this time.

Top Three:

I feel like we are an AAU team playing Duke

Gordon Hayward looks like he lectures about the dangers of porn on college campuses.

Am I tuning in because I enjoy the team? Because I want to see what a fucking disaster looks like? Or am I just so numb to the misery of the franchise after 20+ years that I don't know what to do with myself.

Kyrie Talk:

I feel like such an outlier because i have no interest in Kyrie...

I just want to say I don't give a shit about Kyrie Irving and I'm so sad they gave up on the rebuild and are now back to old school Knicks chasing washed up free agents.

Imagine Kd, kryie, Knox and Zion

Do we really want Kyrie? No doubt a great player, but I personally am concerned about his potentially toxic locker room culture. Thoughts?

So serious question: if Kyrie isn't able to win more with the Celtics then why do Knicks fans think he'll do better with the Knicks? Is Knox better than Tatum? Is Fizdale better than Brad Stevens?

If i'm kyrie i'm looking at this celtics team like "how the fuck we barely ahead of a knicks team with like 9 healthy players? Yall are trash"

Kyrie is 100% coming
That missed step back told you that?

looking forward to celtics fans calling kyrie a snake next year without a hint of irony about what they did to get him.

Full Slate:

Tonight's tank, ladies and gentlemen, will look like some hi-tech equipment from the future. It will have lasers and like 7 turrets and flaming missiles. Be prepared to be amazed!!

Teams you don't mind sacrificing the tank by beating? Boston has to be on everyone's list

If we lose by 15 or less that's a w for me
If we lose by 5, u can consider that a blow out win for us

If they beat the Celtics with this current roster after the trade I'm gonna be in a coma until June to go out on a high note.

I can’t watch this game since I’m at work and I can’t say I’m upset about it. Play hard and please don’t lose by 40

unless someone pulls a cory brewer and has a totally unexpected 50 point game, i have a feeling we're gonna get annihilated

I watch Knox and I think “this guy is not good”. I think that because he is not good.

I will not miss Kristap’s elderly man suits.

I wonder why I watch shit ferment for 3 hours when I could just turn off the TV whenever the Knicks come on

What's funny is that the Celtics had 3 top 5 picks from the nets and by next year will have only ended up with Tatum out of that deal

ok so smart is shooting threes now
and ppl r giving up on frank after 1.5 years
i just want Frank to play with a little of Smart's cojones

Imagine spending your Friday night watching a d league game.
You’re suggesting we had NBA talent before this trade?

Knox looks like KD going to the basket.

a friend oh mine said we might win more games with this new squad. but yeaaa i don’t know about that who tf’s gonna score chief

not sure which is worse, our roster or the celtics broadcast team

Hayward looking like he's on the Jazz again

We want Kyrie has begun

Lmao fans yelling "We want Kyrie"

Did Kyrie go to the line once yet? They're trying to avod the chants...

Knicks fans cheering for Kyrie or nah?
Smattering of cheers but it’s not concentrated or intense

Marcus Smart is a linebacker, not a shooting guard


Mudiay looking like he’s gonna drop a fire Christian R&B album this summer

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