CL Pod 90: Is AD coming? Kyrie gone? Making sense of this madness

We'll excuse you if you feel like you're not sure if you're coming or going after the onslaught of Silly SZN, the as the week before the NBA Trade Deadline is sometimes called.

We hear from cold-blooded killers to stay calm and things will be OK, but have the devil in our ear telling us not only the megastar we've been after for years is slipping from our grasp, but that he might take our current star player with him.

Which is it? We'd be lying to you if we said we had answers, but Topher Lane and Justin Quinn sit down to talk all this nonsense, and try to make their best guesses. We also talk the All-Star Game, the Boston Celtics' improved play, and a whole lot more.

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Image: Maddy Meyer/Getty
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