Green Envy: What Cavs fans said - 2/5/19

The Hospital Celtics and the Hospital Cavs went head-to-head in what turned out to be a much more interesting matchup than advertised. No one could score for either team at the end, but fortunately for the Celtics, they were already ahead and able to hold on. Jayson Tatum, leader of men, was outstanding and Gordon Hayward looked like his old self as the C's pulled off the W at the Q.

Top Three:

Is Kyrie afraid to play in Cleveland?
short answer…. yes….. I mean, it is right on the edge of the earth… so

Why the hell is Ante starting over Larry
I don't even have a joke for it anymore I'm just sad and confused

Celtics trying so hard to keep us in this but they might need to do more

jAySoN tAtUm:

Tatum got free throws off of tripping over his own feet? Well, okay then.
The golden boy that's better than the whole lakers young core.
FuTuRe AlL nBa
First. Ballot HOFamer
Future g. o. a. t.

Full Slate:

So who's even available to play tonight? Everyone's out lol.
We the canton charge tonight my guy

Hoo boy... when Deng Adel gets the start, you know you're in trouble.

people say not to get hyped about summer league because it has no relevance to the regular season, but theyre wrong. Because we are playing our summer league team tonight baby!

How can Kevin’s toe not be healed by now? Caris LaVert is going to be playing before Love sees the floor again.

I hate Jaylen Brown

WOW, after seeing our starting lineup there was 0% chance I woulve believed we would be leading after the 1st

Cavs lead? Soak it up!!!
And it's gone

Sometimes Zizic in traffic just looks so like... what are you doing man. and then sometimes he makes it look so smooth.

My wishes for this game:

-Burks don't get hurt before we trade you

-Sexton reach 4 assists

I'm gonna miss Burks.

How did our team learn to run an offense over the weekend?

Where did this Collin come from!? Keep it goinggggggggg.

Ante is about to take Al Horford's lunch money

Let's go Burks score fucking 25+ and we'll trade you for picks

Burks playing like he knows it's almost the trade deadline
If we don’t get a first round pick for him...

Sexton is just going through people at this point, doesn't matter how they contest it. Where was this Sexton all my life.

Hey Brad, where's Kyrie at?
Never playing at the Q again apparently!

Refs making sure we tank. So frustrating not getting any calls our way tonight.

Ken Mauer is a hack
Hes also a convicted felon

These Cavs are fun and I'll fight anyone who tells me otherwise

Delly’s form on 3s will never not be hilarious


When did we become this fun to watch?

We can get stops, but can we score?

God Marcus Smart is lethal. I want a guy like that on our team
I’d rather not have terrible people like him on the team

Awesome, I tune into the game, Sexton goes absolutely cold and the team starts sucking ass like they usually do

Tank commander Clarkson 2/13

Enjoy the last 2 minutes of the Alec Burks era boys


Hard to win 8v5

0 in 4th quarter from Sexton.............................................................

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