Green Envy: What Raptors fans said - 1/16/19

The Boston Celtics got themselves a much-needed win last night against the team with the best record in the NBA, the Toronto Raptors. Kyrie Irving was electric closing the game out and has apparently instilled some fear in Raptors fans that are already looking at a potential playoff matchup. Speaking of the playoffs, the Raptors looked like they're already in playoff form against the C's and their fans noticed.

Top Three:

Ibaka gets hacked so much I’m amazed we don’t have access to his nudes yet

It’s all these fucking posts laughing at Boston these past few days. The basketball gods are mad

I am terrified of Kyrie Irving in a playoff series.

After All These Years, Still Salt for Paul:

Blow them out tonight, no mercy *eff* the Celtics and Paul Pierce


Full Slate:

Rested Ibaka, whole state of Massachusetts ain't ready

The fact the Celtics are the favourites in this game is kind of insulting

Scary terry looks tacky af with those shoes

Boston fans treating this like game 7 of the finals. Something they aren't gonna see lul.

However far we go in the playoffs will be based on talent alone. Nurse is clueless as a coach.

Danny Green is a journalist with the latest SCOOP

The Boston Celtics are Wounded Animals

It’s been officially confirmed that being a member of the Toronto Raptors means that your shooting percentage decrease to half of its previous value

Both teams taking turns to play like trash, hope this game ends with us on the right end of the cycle

I am not excited for playoffs. I don't think we beat these Celtics or the Bucks

Nurse is gonna get exposed in the playoffs man. Why the hell did we hire a guy with zero head coaching experience.
You want him to go in and make shots himself?
How about telling his team to get into the paint when 3’s aren’t falling?

Lmao so I guess this is the game Rozier and Hayward decide not to be bums.

Wtf is smart doing flying in like that. Send in someone to lay his ass out.

LOL celtics winning by getting outplayed and getting lucky w/ rebounds while the raptors just brick open 3's that lead to Celtics fast breaks. Story of our losses/close games this season.

Can we please not suck anymore
We're first in the league. what more do you want? lol

Is it just me or did it feel like I was watching playoff iso raptors in last cpl of minutes\

Irving >>>> Lowry. No contest.

Our players always get mugged in Boston. Nothing new here.

screw smart and taytum chopping are players legs

I miss when our bench had swagger and confidence. Its honestly sad watching them play this year.

Hayward been garbage all year and goes 7/8 against us justraptorthings


Mahcus Smaht is the most ironically-named player in the entire NBA. *He* be Shaqtin' a Dumbass every night.

Ibaka should've stepped on Smart

I hate Aron Baynes. I swear he only hits 3's against us.
Add him to the list

As long as Hayward is a Celtic, I hope he struggles and never plays to his potential.

Aaron Baynes, fresh off a broken hand... would he be our best 3 point shooter?

I hope that Kyrie Irving falls off the edge of the Earth.

Boston is a wack city with trash sports organizations and overrated schools.

We got Morris hitting stepback 3s out here. Unacceptable.

This is so embarrassing...We have the best record in the league yet every game feels like an upward battle. Why?

This is why I won't trust this team till we are actually IN the finals.

I'm not even mad. No way in hell these dirty bums win 4 games against us in a playoff series.

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