Green Envy: What Nets fans said - 1/7/19

The Boston Celtics throttled the Brooklyn Nets last night, 116-95, continuing their trend of superb ball movement and great defense. That marks the C's 8th win by 20 or more points this season, which is good for 2nd in the league behind the Utah Jazz. We had some pretty high optimism from some Nets fans and then there were the others who were a little more grounded. And per usual, our friends in Brooklyn did not disappoint in their commentary as the game unfolded.

Top Three:

our incompetence is wearing them down

I still say that Jarrett Allen looks like a member of Santana. Woodstock era

Our Nets are losing, but I take solace in the fact that this Celtics team is going to get eaten alive in the playoffs.
The same Celtics team that has already beaten the Bucks, Sixers and Raptors despite their early season woes?

Mixed emotions pregame:

I feel like i need to smoke a joint before this game because we're 4-1 when I do that and this seems like a hard game so I'm gonna do it not because I wanna be high ;) but because i wanna help the Nets win ofc.

Dlo is about to cook Kyrie

Sean Marks is a God. Prove me wrong

Dlo and Kurucs both popping off tonight. Let's goooo. Winning games we shouldn't is a Nets specialty.

Making myself 2 joints today. One before tip-off and another right after we get this W!

If we win this is going to be the game that shows we’re the real deal. I can feel it deep in my plums.

I like our chances if we shoot 100% from 3 the entire game.

Half the team is out and its the 3rd game in 4 nights all on the road, dis ain't looking good

Well…a scheduled loss if I ever saw one.

How the heck is this gonna work? We don't have any players left

Our roster is ravaged, barring a miracle this is a loss.

On the bright side, we play the Hawks at home on Wednesday and the Hornets play the Clippers tomorrow in LA

Yeah we’re fucked on this one. Only way we win this is if DLo wears two headbands

Let’s not shit the bed tonight.

Full Slate:

Nets are 4-16 against Boston since the trade..

Why does it seem that injured players always come back to play the nets?

Honestly, let's shoot 70 threes tonight.

The three point shootout between Kurucs and Smart -just as we all expected.

Celtics fans, put some speck on his name...Rodions Kurucs

Imagine averaging 7 points per game and shushing someones bench for no reason, what a shit player

Smart must be upset Marks never offered him that contract

Smart now looks like Ray Allen.

We are 6 of 8 for three but losing by 5. Ouch.

Bazz looks like the relief pitcher coming in that can't find the strike zone

Never saw so many bad passes in one quarter.

Kyrie may have 50 tonight. Shabazz looks completely out of it.

I desperately need to find a way to watch this game without the Celtics commentators

wow 10 turnovers in a single quarter.

yeah game is over, might as well make that second joint now

I don't remember when Traveon Graham made a basket....

Hayward and his contract is so depressing for any franchise

The Celtics depth is unreal.

Nets are playing a pretty damn good game, its just tough to beat a team like the Celtics.

I know it happened. But it is hard to believe Graham ever shot over 43% for a whole season from three.
I’m starting to see how a person can believe the moon landing was faked. I’m looking at the stats but I need to see it with my own eyes. Its unbelievable

Freaking Marcus Smart offsetting Kurucs’ career night

I hate the celtics
u gotta quit looking at all those banners
I am sorry but my eyes always get stuck at how dirty that stadium is to even notice those banners

Graham hit the rim on that one. I see nothing but upside from here

Just when we close it in, Boston gets all Boston on us

i hate seeing big men do layups
i like it when Nets big men make layups

20 turnovers is good right?
depends how many games

Dudley has only one purpose and that is to be Dad that cheers on the young guys and inspires them.

Robert Williams is the Time Lord. Hearing that nickname may have made watching this game worthwhile. That dude can sky.

Should Hayward be a trade target?! He’s looking like he is getting back to form. Trade him for Crabbe. They need a 3 point specialist and we need an all star. Salaries would match up closely. Im sure Boston would need a little more incentive to make the deal. Any thoughts on this one?
no more trades with C's

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