Timelord forgetting his days of the week?

Forgetting what day it is, and his hotel room numbers, it’s all in a.. what is it again? Oh yeah, all in a day's work for Boston Celtics rookie Robert Williams.

Life as an NBA player sounds pretty easy, right? Wrong - It really is the complete opposite, whether you're at practice, playing games or travelling, it's non-stop. With that said could, you really forget what day of the week it is? For Celtics rookie Williams the answer is yes.

The former Texas A&M center forward revealed to the media in a post-practice interview on Sunday that since his arrival in Boston, he has struggled to keep up with what day of the week it is. Williams also told reporters that it's not just days he's forgetting, but has recently gotten his room numbers at the team's hotels mixed up. It's fair to say that the jump from college to the league seems to have taken a little bit off a toll on the 21-year old.

Given his nickname, Time Lord, it seems impossible that he could forget what day of the week it is, However, he could be forgiven for doing so. Due to recent injury woes over the last couple of months, the introdution of Williams into the teams rotation has become important to the Celtics. Brad Stevens found himself calling on Robert to provide extra depth to the team while the likes of Al Horford and Aron Baynes have been sidelined, speeding up his development and using what he has learnt thus far from his time in the NBA G League with affiliate Maine Red Claws.

The young rookie has definitely impressed with some highlight plays, but the demand of the league will absolutely take Time for Williams to adjust to.

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Video via Timi Kordylewski