Green Envy: What Hawks fans said - 1/19/19

The Celtics almost let another win against a subpar team slip away as the Hawks led for much of last night's game, but Marcus Smart got thrown out and the C's rallied back after trailing most of the night. If you didn't think that Smart's ejection helped spur the Celtics, that's okay, because the Hawks fans certainly saw a shift, as evidenced in their comments below. All the shade they threw at our boy Marcus came back to haunt them in spades.

Top Three:

Dedmon defending Kyrie is like a kid playing against his dad

If our point guard was a drag queen, he would Slayyy Young

Someone punch Smart in the face please
Idk man then you gotta deal with that lunatic Morris brother also

Smart Ejection:

lol Smart trying to attack someone with their back turned

Marcus SOFT amirite

Awww, did he hurt poor Marcus Smart's feelings? Now it's totally justified that Smart tried to ambush him while his back was turned

LMAO i actally kind of like Smart but he is such a punk

Lmaooooo Smart really trying to fight because he flopped and iso'd Trae twice. Get out of here crackhead hooper

Get this thug off the court

Smart snapped like Gordon Hayward's knee

I wasn’t able to find the Hawks stream so I’m listening to the Celtics commentators and they’re trying to argue that it shouldn’t be a technical on Smart lol
Counter point to them. Smart is a pussy and should be ejected from the nba

Smart the fakest tough guy in the league as evidenced by him going after a player with his back turned. FOH Smart you clown

Full Slate:

john collins flu game incoming esketit

"a player that could one day have his jersey in the rafters here-- al horford" way too much dip on ya chip there smh fuck that noise

The Hawks tv sideline reporter just said Average Al’s jersey might be retired someday in the rafters. GTFO

I’d go at Kyrie every possession. He is so tired out there

A dude nick named "Scary Terry" just blocked Trae, yeah time to trade

Kyrie and Trae are both trash pls investigate point guards adam silver

Trae with the NSFW drive and flex on Marcus Smart

It’s funny how salty these Celtics announcers are

Marcus Dumb

Celtics bench has been a hot mess this game.

Smart is a crackhead that plays basketball

Smart flopping harder than a European soccer player

How did Al travel? I thought snakes don't have legs??

Nothing going Trae's way tonight, lets just blame it on sickness and move on

Oh, Kyrie can miss. Very cool!

Trae building houses for the homless with all these bricks. My rookie is generous af
You won't see Steph doing that. Steph hates the homeless.

I wonder...if we have enough in the tank

Reminder that the Celtics took this Tatum dude over John the Baptist

Boston should have kept the first overall pick last year and taken John Collins

Trae playing defense is such a puzzling concept

Celtics fans losing their minds tonight
I didn't know they had Salt factories in eastern mass.

All these missed shots by both teams is looking like a church league game on a Wednesday night

If kyrie leaves the Celtics in the off-season, Celtics are a 8th seed at best

Dude Jaylen Brown is one of the most disappointing players i’ve ever seen
Ever seen Shelden Williams?

"all-star" Al Horford with a 7/0/3 statline and -10 in 13 minutes

Hey gang looking good so far. Ill always forfeit the tank for one night to get a win over Boston

Dude holy shit are we good

wow kyrie is going to be so good on Brooklyn

Celtics is Trae's kryptonite.

Jesus if Kyrie wasn’t hitting everything we would be up by at least 10 going into the half

No chance we're the worst team in the league we're gonna need some frozen envelope magic this year
No way any team can be the worst team with the Cavs around.

Imagine carrying a child for 9 months and then letting them cheer for the Celtics. Heartbreaking

Making Bill Simmons salty after he called us a mediocre franchise>>>>>>tanking for the night

The casual nba fan doesn’t know what they are missing with the hawks not having nationally televised games. This is one of the most fun teams to watch
Why does TNT and ABC/ESPN not want us man???!!

Celtics have figured out how to stop Trae: Stand in his way

Too bad Smart got ejected. Was looking forward to more Trae vs Smart. They were starting to chirp. Lots of back and forth

Damn that fired up the Celtics. Gotta get back under control

Geezus we haven't made a shot since Smart got ejected

Yeah I’m going to go walk my dogs. HMU if we win

well this turned into a nightmare

Cant believe Horford is out rebounding us down the stretch

Oh boy, get ready for the Celtics fan brigade after this game

Kyrie's flat Earth powers are too much for us

We got "Will not be denied" Kyrie tonight boys.

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