#RIP #NBAVote - big changes coming to All Star Game voting

Big changes are coming to the NBA All Star Game voting process, and it remains unclear if fans are going to like it.

Instead of the current system, which allows users to use the social media hashtag #NBAVote on Facebook and Twitter in conjunction with the full name of the player for whom they are voting, the league has decided to link up with Google.

The new approach will use Google search results along with voting on the NBA.com website and associated app, the Google search method also working through virtual assistants like Alexa and similar apps.

I get that the league is trying to grow and perhaps even predict the future of fan engagement, but the event will be a colossal failure without sustained fan engagement, and given how much the sport lives on Twitter, I can't help but feel this is a poorly thought-out move.

Casual fans rarely visit the league's website (if at all), or have an app in an age where everyone has an app for limited device memory arms races. 

Worse, it kind of reeks of a corporate money grab taking place behind closed doors, ignoring how the fans enjoy the sport and connect with one another. 

There's nothing wrong with expanding the ways fans can vote for their favorite players, and then perhaps whittling away less-used models, but the way this has been foisted on the fans with little notice and no feedback rubs me the wrong way.

How do you feel about the changes? Will you use them? Do you care? Let us know in the comments below.

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Image: Boston Celtics
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