I agree with Danny Ainge - Time Lord nickname has to go

Danny Ainge doesn't like Rob Williams' nickname, Time Lord. Neither do I. I was as worried as anyone when Rob missed a conference call and was late for practice, but that is history. But I do understand why media types may like it. The opportunities are there for integrating the word time into writing and broadcasting. It can be used and abused in many ways.

When Williams comes out of the game, it's a Time out. When he walks with the ball, it is Time travel. A 3-second call could be mis-Timed. A great defensive stop - Time stoppage. He comes into the game - about Time. I'm just getting started. If there is a Rolling Rally with Duck Boats - "Hop on. Time and tide wait for no man." See the problem for fans. Sorry!

And if Rob ever excels at a high level, how about appearing on the cover of Time magazine. The Time Lord on the cover of Time. It all fits.

I believe I coined Rob-Lob, not as a nickname, but for the lobs and dunks that will happen often, but that gained no ground. Williams outstanding gift is his jumping ability - quick, high, and well-timed. There I go again. Can't avoid it. Something like Sky Captain or Sky King might work. Let's hear from our readers.

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