Green Envy: What Knicks fans said - 12/6/18

Redemption had to be on the Celtics minds after after losing their last match-up against the lowly Knicks. They certainly delivered in that department with a 128-100 dismantling of the Knickerbockers from New York. Boston held Tim Hardaway Jr and Co under 40% shooting from the field and Jaylen Brown returned to the lineup, and to form, coming off the bench with 21 points on 7 of 10 shooting as the Celtics cruised to their 4th-straight victory in impressive fashion.

Top 3:

Mudiay getting roasted by offensive phenom (looks down and checks notes... checks notes again... one more time to be sure) Marcus Smart

“Fans in New York aren’t patient” bitch we been Knicks fans for years, you know how much patience that requires??

Can someone give me a summary of the game
The whole team looked like buttcheeks

Salt on the Wound:

Why do they keep playing the Porzingis footage

"Hey guys, wanna see a replay of the worst thing to happen to the franchise since losing the Finals in 94?"
From two angles even just incase you couldn’t see it from the first angle
"Make sure to show that shellshocked 7 year old in the front seat from the newspaper cover."

Full Slate:

I dont care if Frank plays or not so long as he shits directly on a leprechaun

TNT broadcast somebody shoot me

Marv was the Knicks announcer for years until Dolan fired him for criticizing the team.

Heinsohn is the worst commentator in sports.
i respectfully disagree. i kind of dig his blatant homerism. at least he doesnt hide it
He's not actually on the broadcast tonight

my sharply honed basketball analytical skills tell me that the Knicks are not good at defense

I really think the knicks have problems actually physically passing the ball

I think we jumped on fakes 4 times on one possession. Impressive

Lookout for Smart to continue the "trash shooter getting hot beyond the arc" trend.

good defensive strategy knicks - why cover gordon hayward

Kanter, mario, and mudiay in the same lineup is the Knicks basically asking for the celtics to drop 140 on them

L incoming. Tank rolling on.

I may be crucified for this post but the defense on this team fking sucks hard.
Very brave of you to come out and say that

We might have to shoot 60% all night to stay in this game the way refs are calling fouls on us

the celtics pretty much score 150 every night right?

Kanter's defense - gouge out my eyes!!!

Knox looks like he doesn’t want to play tonight. He hides in the corner on every play with his man an inch from him and never comes to the ball. It’s like he doesn’t want it.

did Kanter just get blocked by Kyrie lol

alright we're not even playing that poorly but I have zero desire to watch the second half

Well the good news - We took Boston’s best punch and best players, and we are only down 11 at the half.

man i really wish we could have picked tatum

Hardaway passed the ball to a ref tonight. That’s a symbol of how his game has been. This season he’s been wildly mediocre.

Just want to say that it could be worse, we could be the Suns. Holy hell they make the Knicks look like a well-oiled machine.

Brooo knox Can only shoot and that’s sometimes
He's one of the worst finishers at the rim I've ever seen. Seriously some of his layup attempts are just terrible.

I swear mudiay and Hezonja have a sextape or some shit on Fiz cause no competent coach would give them so many minutes

Terry Rozier has some cool shoes

This team needs to just practice lay ups

Kyrie is a magician

Mitchell Robinson has cinder blocks for hands

This is one of the most depressing games I’ve seen in some time.

I know the answer to this is likely yes, but have we had a legitimate defensive stop all game?

Lmfao NBA France on Twitter posted a picture of frank and yabuselle with the caption “represent” except neither of them have gotten a single minute tonight

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