Green Envy: What Hornets fans said, 12/23

The Boston Celtics were in need of a blowout to get their groove back, having skidded a little far into the loss column for any but the most optimistic fan's tastes. They got what they needed, dominating the Charlotte Hornets last night wire-to-wire. The Hornets fanbase was understandably demoralized, so the schadenfreude pickings are slim, but I dug up the best I could find - enjoy!


I hope at least we show up okay. We generally play low energy on Sunday games, play badly against the Celts on their court, and have tough time on the road. Lol- now that I got all the negative energy out and it’s time to…Crush the Celtics

Tough group.
We can still get this but it is a mile stretch. Goodluck Hornets


Lol 6 to 0 in a blink
I mean 9 to 0

Kemba - c'mon you can't leave Kyrie wide open
Forget the double – stay with your man

Man, tough second quarter start for the bench
Miles is off so far tonight

Very bad 2nd quarter

Still can turn this but have to wake up

Yeah, hope we pick it up

Kemba shooting okay but everybody else 8 for 27 so far combined
That’s hurting us


Boston smoking us.

Celts killing us on the boards

Wow- Irving can shoot with his eyes closed tonight and it will go in

We never show up on Sunday
Other than our home game against them earlier this season, Boston has toyed with us for two years now.
And we suck on the road

We look very timid on offense
Bigs are hesitant to hand the ball off. Everyone is stopping short of the rim. Hesitating to let 3s go.


So we have a whole 4th quarter to watch our young talents now

Out of our league tonight

It's just one of those nights

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