Green Envy: What Bulls fans said - 12/8/18

The Celtics walloped the Bulls Saturday night for not only the biggest win in their franchise's history, but also the biggest loss in Chicago's history as well. That 56-point victory (133-77) also happens to be the biggest road win in NBA history. While the Celtics were certainly heavy favorites entering this game, a 5th-straight win in historic fashion has them looking much more like that team most of us envisioned heading into this season.

Top 3:

Suns: we scored 9 points twice in the 1st quarter
Bulls: hold my beer

At this point I kinda hope we score 0 for the quarter. Just for shits and gigs

You gotta hit rock bottom before you can climb out of the toilet or something.

Early Struggles:

Good god 0/10 in FGs to start the game

We bout to be the first team in NBA history to record a scoreless quarter\

Imagine making a shot

Field goal!!!


That crowd reaction to scoring a point lmao.

nearly 7 minutes to get on the board

Full Slate:

No Horford? Daniel Theis is supposed to stop us? Lmfao
And now BOS is 17-0

Holy shit this Celtics team is ridiculous

Looks like we're tired from last night, this blows.

This is not good. Please not another golden state first half

Tank lives on. Beep beep.

putting in our bums against a championship contending starting unit should solve everything!

Bulls get a lifetime shit talking pass if Boston somehow throw this

I’m turning off sound so I don’t hear boos

Hey let’s take all the shit possible tonight so the bears win tomorrow night

We’re obviously playing on hall of fame difficulty

Stale offense? Better put in your worst scorers at every position.

Smug Boston commentators taking the piss
They have the most insufferable commentary crew in the league

I hate marcus smart so much
he's high on my list of players i never want to see in a bulls uniform because they cheat by flopping instead of playing the game.

Not only is there a Celtics fan sitting next to me but he has some greasy ass hair and smells like shit
Sounds about right

I have a drinking problem
be quiet and drink your liquor like a good depressed bulls fan

I think Celtics are using aim bot
fucking belichick

How was this Celtics team so bad earlier this year?

just go into halftime within 10, that's all I ask of this team
You're asking for a lot lol

We're currently on pace for getting blown out around 130 to 75ish

It is amazing to think these guys are Boston's bench. They're so deep
Yes. Their bench outscored our starters in one half.

Any doctors here to call time of death

I think I'm going to be sick. We're going to lose by 50

No mercy from the Celtics

Resting players for Practice.......Practice. Not a game, PRACTICE.

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