Get ready for the uses and abuses of the Rob Williams' Time Lord moniker

Most of our readers went against me and Danny Ainge on Rob Williams' nickname, Time Lord. Okay, I'm convinced, so let's go with it - at least for now. Just brace yourselves for the uses and abuses of the moniker from announcers, broadcasters and other media folks.

Years ago, when Bailey Howell played for the Celtics, I got sick of hearing one announcer repeatedly giving us "That was a Howell Foul." I can see that coming with the Time Lord thing, but I must now admit, it's growing on me. Here is one reader comment:

I hate to disagree with Danny or Tom but on this one I do. I think Robert said he liked it so if he can accept it and laugh about it, I like it.
Not only is the name is kind of catchy, I am also betting RW would be happy to accept the money that will come to him with the sale of his TIME LORD merch, which as Tom stated has endless possibilities.
If the kid plays well, over time the name will stick and most people will not even know what it means. They will just know not to go to the paint where the TIME LORD preys.

Rob shooting foul shots - "Rob is at the Time Line."

Instant replay of Williams taking a charge - "Time is standing still."

Replay of Rob-Lob - "Time is up."

He misses a defensive assignment - "Looks like we had a Time Lapse there."

Walks with the ball - "Time Travel"

Misses a block - "He Mis-Timed that one."

Had enough? I'm done - for now. But expect me to use, and probably abuse, the moniker. If it's going to stick, I am definitely going to use it. But I do think that down the road, a better choice will come around. Until then, most of you asked for it. Here is one more reader comment. How can I argue with this kind of logic? And if some clock or watch manufacturer doesn't hit Williams up soon, they may regret it when stardom hits.

Time Lord is cool. It sounds like some new computer game. In fact, Robert Williams should definitely register it, just like the Brow did his. Time Lord has already taken on new meanings and as Williams keeps getting better and better it most likely will be said with great respect. Rob Williams is a great guy and his acceptance and ability to laugh about himself with others is a wonderful characteristic. Rob feels good in his own skin. So don't accept Time Lord as derisive or a put down, accept it as Rob does: It's fun and he probably will make a ton of money using it.

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