Green Envy: What Suns fans said - 11/9/18

The Celtics rallied back from 22 points down and turned a game that looked sure to be a painful loss on the road to the Phoenix Suns into a huge overtime win to get them back on track. Suns fans had themselves a fun three quarters of basketball to enjoy before crashing back to reality. Is there anything more fun than going back and reading the comments from opposing fans as their team blows a massive lead that quite possibly just torpedoed their entire season? I can't think of anything.

Top Three:

so one of my tickets in that big mega millions drawing the other night had the first two numbers right. I still knew how it was gonna end but I couldnt help get excited. Thats how I feel right now.

I feel like a wife who's husband has been at sea for 10 years standing on the beach waiting for his ship to come over the horizon. Except im waiting for Book and TJ to come back in.

the sun should just burn phoenix to a crisp and get it over with

The First Three:

I'm really having a bad day. Should I risk making it worse by watching?

Please Santa, can we please have just one win here. I swear I wont ask for anything for Christmas!!!

It’s sad how excited I get just when the suns start winning a game. Even 2 minutes into a game

Name a better duo than TJ Warren and the floor

TJ Warren will get conducted in the ring of honor, no doubt
during halftime

Damn it suns I bought these pants last week and they're ruined now!

Who knew the Suns could be fun to watch!!!!

gordon hayward gonna get the benefit of the doubt for this whole year - dude was never really as good as they made him out to be (above average)

Yo let's just end the game here before we regress..

Celtics scoring 50 this game confirmed

Anyone else get in a defensive posture when they heard "Marcus Morris has a switch"

Celtics are our NBA finals

For your own mental health remember we're still definitely going to lose this game by double digits.

Scary Terry should stay in PHX after this game

Terry is decent. Not amazing. Better than Bledsoe. He’d pass to Booker.


Jaylen Brown is our best rebounder

Smart is so full of shit! He threw himself like a fish.

Rozier is super mediocre and whoever meets whatever the celtics absurd asking price is is gonna get rooked

Rozier is gonna get Biyombo money for doing well in the playoffs but being trash and I hope we aren't the ones to give it to him.

Is this the point in the game I should let myself feel hopeful/excited or nah I should wait more?

holy crap I was watching football and I cant believe we are winning. wtf is going on?

Hey guys before we go any further remember we're the Suns. Proceed with caution.

And Then Came the 4th Quarter:

Starting to feel sick. Save me Tom Cruise.

Get Anderson of this game and quite possibly out of the hemisphere.

Can we crowdsource a buyout of Ryan Anderson?!

Are we going to lose? Because I feel like we are going to lose.

We could be up 50 and not have a game sealed.

Foul on Ryan Anderson for hitting Ojeleye’s elbow with his face

Remember how well our offense and ball movement in the first 3 quarters was? yea I'm glad we went away from that. Cause we don't need to score more or anything

I’m scared to watch the rest of this game. So much stress.

Rozier just told Canaan he’s gonna take his job.

Thats our season, locker room is lost after that one 100%.

This is a 20 win team again...
Getting to 20 might be difficult

Well, its been fun

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