CelticsLife Race-to-the-Title results - November 8, 2018

The good news was that the Celtics won the game versus the Phoenix Suns. Both Jayson Tatum and Josh Jackson had low-scoring games (Tatum with four, Jackson with two), so the low estimates on their combined points took the honors.

Win: Abacus Revealed (21)

Place: David Anthopoulos (22)

Show: Land Shark (23)

1 DimitriusUK 6
1 land shark 6
2 Michael Costa 5
3 Forever_green 3
3 Daddiorick 3
3 Tiago Jesus 3
3 Abacus Reveals 3
4 Andre Moreira Lima 2
4 Ismael Hasan 2
5 Red Brooks 2
5 David Anthopoulos 2
6 CelticsKY 1
6 Dylan Dobson 1
6 Celtics Next Generation 1
6 Yung Kwan 1
6 Alonzo Mucho 1

Boston takes on the Utah Jazz tonight, and the Celtics have not shot the lights out thus far, so the number for tonight is Boston's field Goal percentage (Ex: 42.6%) for this game only. Estimates needs to be submitted by 6:00 PM ET today. Abacus Revealed slipped into 3rd place by sticking with his #21, and David Anthopoulos joined the race with a 2nd-place finish last night.

With many games to go, it is far from too late to join in.

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Photo via Barry Gossage/NBAE via Getty Images