CelticsLife Race-to-the-Title results - November 5, 2018

The Celtics lost to the Nuggets last night 115-107, but Kyrie Irving was the guy with the high numbers. We were looking for the Celtic with the most combined points + rebounds + assists, and that was Irving with 31/5/5 for a total of 41.

Win: Tiago Jesus (42)

Place: DimitriousUK & land shark (39)

Show: Alonzo Mucho (38)

1 DimitriusUK 6
2 Michael Costa 5
2 land shark 5
3 Forever_green 3
3 Daddiorick 3
3 Tiago Jesus 3
4 Andre Moreira Lima 2
4 Ismael Hasan 2
4 Red Brooks 2
5 CelticsKY 1
5 Dylan Dobson 1
5 Celtics Next Generation 1
5 Yung Kwan 1
5 Alonzo Mucho 1

The Celtics third game of their road trip takes them to Phoenix to face the Suns. The number we are looking for is the total combined points of Jayson Tatum and Josh Jackson, the third and fourth picks in the 2017 NBA draft, respectively. So just add the number of points to be scored by Jayson to the number of points by Jackson, and that is what we are looking for. Submissions must be in by 6:00 PM ET prior to game time.Good luck.

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Photo via Garrett Ellwood, NBAE via Getty Images