Robert Williams is already showing flashes of potential

Gordon Hayward playing actual basketball last night was definitely the high point of the Boston Celtics' first preseason game of the year, but it wasn't the only positive takeaway.

Rookie Robert Williams also showed flashes of why he was so highly regarded before injury and motor concerns tanked his value in this summer's NBA Draft.

A glance at his stat line may not shout anything exciting, but between his ability to get to the line, sink his free throws, and the moves and fancy passes that almost worked, coupled with a high level of energy he maintained on court and excellent use of screening are all positives for a pick that worried some initially.

If Dr. Sleep can keep his motor and free throw percentage this high, and his fouling rate this low, he might just play himself into some meaningful minutes by the end of the season.

Given how stacked this team already is, that's got to bother opposing teams.

Watch William's full highlights from last night's game in the video above to see exactly what I'm writing about, and check back Sunday for the next matchup with the Charlotte Hornets, this time in TD Garden.

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Image: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY ; video @Timi_093, Boston Celtics
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