Marcus Smart is the Wolverine of the Hardwood

With the regular NBA season starting in several weeks, I once again present my case as to what truly separates Marcus Smart from from most other NBA players. It is his strength and ferocity - much like the Wolverine that can take on virtually every animal, regardless of size, that roams its territory and back it down. Take a few seconds to watch the wolverine-vs.-mountain lion video to solidify my analogy. The wolverine might come in at 50 pounds and a length of four feet. The mountain lion might reach over 200 pounds and eight feet long.

Wolverine: A solitary animal, it has a reputation for ferocity and strength out of proportion to its size, with the documented ability to kill prey many times larger than itself.- Wikipedia

How strong is Smart? Try bench pressing 185 pounds 19 times. That ability combines power, strength and endurance in one extremely difficult feat. But he did just that at the Draft Combine. He is one of the strongest guys in the League - and certainly at the guard position.

Combining both strength and ferocity, we realize why Marcus grabs or knocks the ball out of so many opponents' hands. It must seem like a pile driver has struck. He just never gives up on a play!

A Celebration of Life will be held tomorrow for Smart's mother, Camellia, and it is important to know that she is the driving force that propelled Marcus to his present status in life and the pro basketball world.

Sincere condolences to the family of Camellia Smart, and congratulations to the fine lady that gave the Celtics Community her gift of such a modest and dedicated basketball player and human being, her son Marcus.. -- Tom Lane, CelticsLife.

Wolverine of the Hardwood. I like it! There is no one in the League quite like him. I am glad we have him, and I would have hated like hell to have seen him in another uniform defending Kyrie Irving or Terry Rozier.

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Marcus photo via Seth Wenig/AP photo
Wolverine video via Theodor Gedack
Smart video via Justin Lag